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Online Courses for Certification

The ICPA online courses are part of the current Certification Program and are exclusively available through our website. These courses provide registrants with the opportunity to expand skills and knowledge to better serve their communities through a convenient online platform.

Once registered for a course, it will appear in your account.

Research: Evidence-Informed Practice (Online)
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Measure what Matters: Thermography, HRV, SEMG (Online)
Online Register
Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy From the Baby's Perspective (Online)
Online Register
Connecting with Parents, the Baby and Supportive Care Providers (Online)
Online Register
Clinical Certainty Through Functional Assessment (Online)
Online Register
Advanced Perinatal Clinical Application (Online)
Online Register
Developmental Neurobiology (Online)
Online Register
Perinatal Neuroimmunology: Patterns of Interference (Online)
Online Register
Assessing and Reducing Risk in the Chiropractic Family Practice (Online)
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How to start an online course after registration:

  1. Log into your ICPA account
  2. Go to the Seminar/CACCP tab
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Your Online Courses’ section
  4. Hit ‘Go to Course' - you will be redirected to the online course platform
  5. Click 'My Dashboard' in the top right - all online courses you are registered for will appear on your dashboard
  6. Click "Start Course" on the seminar you want to begin

Attendance Verification: In order to be marked as attended for the online course, you must complete each video and quiz component of the course. Attendance will be marked in your account after you have finished 100% of the course.

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Approved for up to 12 hours of CE. Please check with your State Board to determine how many hours of online CE they accept.

CE Fee: $45 per seminar

Approved: Please see each online course page for approved states