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Pediatric Certification


ICPA offers postgraduate chiropractic education pertaining to the care of children and pregnant women. 

The ICPA Pediatric Certification Program is a comprehensive 200-hour program consisting of 20 course offerings (60 hours in-person required for US DCs). It is designed to expand professional ability in adjusting techniques, evaluation, and assessment of different stages of development: from pregnancy, birth, infancy throughout childhood.

ICPA seminars are taught from the salutogenic perspective which focuses on strategies, environments and lifestyle choices that empower individuals to experience the full spectrum of life. All techniques taught in the Certification Program are those currently taught at chiropractic colleges and are adapted for children and pregnant patients. 

Upon successful completion, chiropractors receive Certification by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP).  


Unlock Your Potential

Expand your family practice.

Learn the philosophy and the fundamentals of the chiropractic family practice.

Enhance your current skill set. 

Build upon the technical skills you already have with curriculum that is easy to integrate into procedures already used. 

Gain confidence in your care.

You'll not only develop your "how", but more importantly, you will understand the "why" behind your care. 


Program Features

20 Course offerings taught by leaders in chiropractic. 

Learn from 23 passionate, knowledgeable instructors who bring years of experience in caring for families and practical understanding to the classroom.

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Available in 20+ locations annually.

The ICPA Certification Program is highly accessible, offering 150-200 seminars in multiple US cities, Canada and Europe each year.

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Training that fits your schedule and pocket.

We understand your desire for flexibility. ICPA seminars are held approximately once a month, plus 4 that are offered exclusively online. 3 convenient different payment options are also available.

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Hands-on experience and applicable content.

Our seminars combine a hands-on approach to learning techniques with practical information that can be integrated into practice on Monday.

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Research for the evidence-informed practice.

Courses are packed with the latest research to validate the care you provide. You'll also have the opportunity to contribute to research with the ICPA PBRN. 

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Independent accreditation.

The ICPA Certification Program is endorsed and certified by the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice and co-sponsored by Cleveland University - Kansas City.

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What Our Attendees Are Saying

Daniel Bronstein, DC, DACCP
Grover Beach, CA


Brendan Riordan, DC
Norwell, MA


Laura Brayton, DC, CACCP
Hoboken, NJ



"I am glad that I took a class. Once I took one class I was hooked and had to do the entire program. The extra information I learned, that was not taught in chiropractic school, helps me to be a better doctor every day to my patients. I am now better able to explain the importance of chiropractic for children and have gained so much more confidence in my chiropractic skills."

Alayna Pagnani-Gendron, DC, CACCP
Houston, TX


"The ICPA Certification Program was a rewarding educational program that gave me the training needed to support my passion in caring for infants, children and their mothers. I would highly recommend the program to anyone considering enhancing this portion of their skills."

Annette Gouker, DC, DACCP
Westfield, WI


"The certification is a must for any chiropractor or chiropractic student who wants to better serve the pediatric population. The material is all research-based and very valuable for any chiropractor who wants to see more kids and will also add several tools to your toolbox that will help an established chiropractor already seeing kids. I left each seminar fired-up and ready to serve at a greater capacity."

Londee Haines, DC
Marietta, GA


What You'll Learn  

  • Pregnancy care: techniques, procedures and Webster Technique Certification 
  • Newborn adjusting techniques, toddler techniques and school-aged children's concerns
  • Adjusting techniques for infant and neurodevelopmental challenges
  • Updated Neuroimmunology information and how to correlate into practice  
  • Principles and practice management tips, strategies and procedures
  • How to communicate and educate on the proper scope of chiropractic and the intention for care
  • Family nutrition from the salutogenic perspective
  • Self-assessment strategies for practice and personal development 


Looking to brush up or learn a specific skill?

You can register for any ICPA seminar individually, no commitments required.
Earn up to 12 hours of CE in one weekend and pick up multiple techniques and tools you can use in practice on Monday morning. 

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