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Membership Benefits


Membership Benefits

Gain access to numerous benefits that will serve you throughout your career in family chiropractic. 

Increased Visibility 

Training & Certification Discounts 

  • ICPA members receive significant discounts toward individual seminars and discounted payment options for Certification Program registration. 

  • Webster Certification
    ICPA auto-renewal membership is required to achieve Webster Certification. 
    Members who successfully complete the Webster Certification course and exam receive a Certificate of Proficiency in Webster Technique and continued recognition in our referral directory. 

Outreach & Patient Education Resources 

  • Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine Subscription
    All ICPA members receive a complimentary print with digital subscription to the quarterly magazine. Pathways is an outstanding patient education resource that members can share in their practices. It is available to purchase in bulk so you can share it with patients and members of your community. 

  • Discounts on Pathways Gift Subscriptions 
    Send Pathways as a gift to patients and friends at 40% off of the retail price. Keep your pregnant patients connected with the importance of the chiropractic lifestyle as they embark on their parenting journey. 

  • Practice Resources
    ICPA Members gain access to (4) new patient education newsletters monthly, press releases, shareable graphics and more. 
  • ICPA Family Wellness Student Club Services
    Chiropractic students looking for a head start on the family practice perspective can join the ICPA student club right on campus. We provide all of the resources needed to host meetings and engage students and members of the community. As a club leader, you'll also gain free access to Pathways magazine and Pathways Connect materials. 

Community Support 

  • Join the Facebook Group. Visit our member's community to connect with other ICPA members and discuss your experiences as a family chiropractor. Share, learn, get to know us and each other. 


Exclusive Collaborations 

We are extremely protective of ICPA member autonomy and our collaborations are carefully selected. It is our primary interest that all collaborators must offer members a discount on their services.

  • The American Pregnancy Association provides visitors with information about the importance of chiropractic care prior to and throughout pregnancy. ICPA members receive a 75% discount off APA membership services, including a listing on their referral directory. Contact APA's Membership Coordinator to get your listing: (972) 550-0140 or

  • ChiroFutures is a Risk Purchasing Group founded by chiropractors in partnership with Great Divide/Nautilus Insurance Company and Sonoran National Insurance Group. ChiroFutures offers ICPA pediatric and pregnancy certified members a credit for malpractice coverage from the published state premium. Contact ChiroFutures for more information: (800) 219-9090 or 

    DACCP 15% credit
    CACCP 10% credit
    Webster Certified 5% credit

  • 4 free months with your subscription to the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, and Family Health Chiropractic. ICPA members will get access to what is by far the most comprehensive family practice journal in the profession. 

  • Various discounts on services and products are offered to our members periodically from other collaborators. 


Affiliate Memberships 

  • Holistic Practice Advocates (HPA) offers a $19 Affiliate Membership to ICPA members and a listing on their referral directory for family practitioners offering wellness care.