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About PBRN


What is a Practice-Based Research Network?

Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) is defined as practitioners devoted principally to the care of patients and also affiliated with each other for the purpose of revealing the phenomena of clinical practice occurring in their communities. 

The ICPA PBRN is comprised of chiropractors conducting clinical and observational research relevant to the practice of family chiropractic and the development of evidence-based family practice models. Started in 2009 from funding generated by ICPA members and PBRN participants, the ICPA PBRN was established to address the safety and effectiveness concerns in pediatric chiropractic. Today, ICPA Members share in producing and sustaining the largest Practice-Based Research Network in the profession. 

The ICPA is an affiliate member of the National Institute of Health's Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality PBRN


What will we accomplish?

The mission of the ICPA PBRN is to improve the health of children and pregnant women and enhance chiropractic family care. We can achieve this by addressing questions pertinent to the practice of family chiropractic and providing clinically relevant, evidence-based research. 


  1. Refine, develop and test methods to improve the detection and corrections of vertebral subluxations in the family patient population.
  2. Study the effectiveness of various chiropractic techniques for the correction of vertebral subluxations and the various concomitant conditions in pregnancy and childhood.
  3. Develop and test methods to improve patient safety in family chiropractic practice.
  4. Develop and pilot-test evidence-based practice tools.
  5. Serve as a natural laboratory to develop and field-test outcome measures applicable to family chiropractic practice.
  6. Facilitate the rapid collection of data for key clinical and practice questions.


Why is the ICPA PBRN so important? 

The ICPA PBRN is a community effort. Together we are establishing the evidence to validate the chiropractic family lifestyle by conducting research that is directly reflective of issues of importance in a primary health care setting. 

Impact on the Profession

The ICPA PBRN allows for questions unique to the chiropractic profession to be addressed. 

  • Allows for building professional capacity for chiropractors doing research.
  • Raises the scholarly standards among chiropractors.
  • Chiropractors are active participants rather than passive observers of research.
  • Encourages creativity and independent thinking personally and professionally. 
  • Research takes place in a practice setting outside the usual academic setting.

Impact on the World 

  • Provides for greater application as "real-world" issues are examined.
  • Encourages more chiropractic research to be conducted. 
  • Determines standards of family care worldwide. 


You can make a difference. 

As a participant in the ICPA PBRN, your input will guide the development of evidence-based practice for family chiropractic and will influence the future direction of our profession. Most importantly you will be part of a network of and by family chiropractors designed to research family chiropractic clinical issues at a fundamental level. 

As an ICPA PBRN participant, you will:

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to conduct clinical research.
  • Have access to sound scientific evidence to integrate with your clinical experience/expertise in making clinical decisions.
  • Feel a sense of professional and personal accomplishment.

The coordination and success of this project is dependent on your participation, and the funds to effectively run the PBRN. Therefore, we encourage you to participate in the ICPA PBRN now.