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Participate in PBRN


Participate in PBRN

A PBRN is our best opportunity to determine the parameters of care we provide by submitting data from our practices. This is your voice in evidence-based chiropractic care. We need your participation! 

The participants in the PBRN projects are patients from our members’ chiropractic offices all over the world. We would not have successful research projects without you!


What is expected from participants?

ICPA PBRN projects take place in an office setting. Most ICPA PBRN studies are observational in nature and will require that your patients give their informed consent to participate and take surveys online during their course of care. These studies will never infringe on your ability to practice or affect the course of care of your patients. 

You and your staff can expect to spend about 2 hours a week engaged in the details of your chosen study. Some studies may require staff members or yourself to review chart data in order to complete the surveys. You may decide to delegate some of the research activities to key members of your staff such as a CA or an associate. While projects are lead by an NIH Certified participant (more details below), all participants must understand the basic principles of research on the protection of Human Subjects. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic or equivalent degree. Students: You must wait until after you have graduated and are in a practice setting before starting a PBRN project. 

  • In good standing with the licensing body in your geographic locale, if applicable. Your license must be active and without issues against your practice. 

  • In a practice setting with a well-organized recall system and internet access. You must be in a practice with your own patient base. Patients will enter data online using technology that you provide (i.e. desktop, tablet, etc.).  You may also email the surveys to your patients and they can complete them at home.

  • Current ICPA Membership. Create an account or login to register for a PBRN. Not a member? Join us in contributing to family practice research

Do you reside outside of the US or Canada? There is a chance that you are ineligible to participate in the ICPA PBRN. Email to determine your eligibility and to discuss your other options.


How to Get Started 

1. Register for the PBRN 

PBRN for ICPA Certification

The ICPA Certification Program requires participation in (2) PBRN projects. If you are already enrolled in the series, you will register for the PBRN modules (listed as PBRN I and PBRN II) from Your Account

  • If you've paid in full: You've already paid for the PBRN modules. All you need to do is submit your initiation form from your account. 
  • If you're enrolled in Auto-Registration: Pay for the PBRN modules and submit your registration form from your account. 

PBRN for Pay as You Go and ICPA CE 

If you have been paying for modules as you go towards your ICPA Certification or if you are participating in a PBRN project to satisfy the CE requirement for your CACCP or DACCP, register here: PBRN Module Registration.

If you are simply interested in contributing to research on behalf of the profession, contact us

2. Complete the CITI Program "GDPR & Human Subject Research in the U.S." online webinar

To prepare you and your staff for participation in the ICPA PBRN, you are required to complete the online webinar.  There is a $49 fee for this webinar.

This webinar reviews the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how the regulation affects research in the U.S. It discusses the effective date, noncompliance penalties, and applicability of the regulation. Additionally, the webinar identifies when GDPR may apply to human subjects research, what researchers and organizations should do to be compliant, and where to go for further information.

  • Take the GDPR & HSR webinar HERE
    • PLEASE NOTE:  The ICPA previously required NIH certification. As of May 2019 this will no longer be accepted and you will need to complete above webinar before being accepted to participate in a new PBRN study
  • Email a copy of your certificate of completion to 

3. Choose Your Studies

Once our PBRN Coordinator receives your GDPR & HSR certificate, you will be be asked to select which studies you would like to participate in. You can find the current studies available listed with the minimum requirements here: PBRN Projects


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