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Establishing and Advancing the Chiropractic Family Lifestyle

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The ICPA offers chiropractic training in pregnancy and pediatric care.


Chiropractic Insider

Have you ever wondered what really divides the chiropractic profession? For decades the story was that it was the straights vs. the mixers. 

Read Time: 4 mins

Public Relations

The Secrets to a Successful Chiropractic Website

We’re researching, shopping and buying more things online than ever before. When we want something, we simply go to Google – whether clothes, restaurants or a health care practitioner. 

Read Time: 6-7 mins


How is the Chiropractor’s Quality of Life?

At ICPA, we believe that chiropractors provide an essential service to the world, so it is also crucial that we are well as individuals and as a whole profession. 

Read Time: 4 mins

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