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Perinatal Certification


The ICPA Perinatal Certification is the next step for our pregnancy and perinatal chiropractors. Webster Certification starts this journey with an in-depth understanding of the importance of chiropractic care during pregnancy; Perinatal Certification builds with comprehensive expertise of care throughout the perinatal period from preconception through postpartum.

The Perinatal Certification consists of 10 Seminars, 80 hours total. There is a multiple-choice exam consisting of 15-25 questions for each course. The exam fee is $250 and DC members can pay for the exam at any time once enrolled in the program. The exams will appear as you attend each seminar. 

Upon successful completion of courses and multiple-choice exams, chiropractors will receive their Perinatal Certification and be listed accordingly on the ICPA Referral Directory.

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