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Perinatal Neuroimmunology: Patterns Of Interference

(3 credits) Updated neuroimmunology information and how to correlate this information into practice. You'll review normal and abnormal immunology, the current immunological research pertaining to the children and pregnant women and immunology concepts and controversies.

Course Goal

Attendees are provided with a functional/holistic understanding of the neuroimmune system and the ability to integrate working knowledge of the neuroimmune system into clinical practice and patient education.

What to Bring: You do not have to bring anything.


Upcoming Dates


  • 08/01/2019 - Date change: Dr. Marini's class in San Francisco has been moved to June 6-7, 2020.
Aug 24-25, 2019 Los Angeles, California Register
Sep 21-22, 2019 Toronto, Ontario Register
Dec 14-15, 2019 Minneapolis, Minnesota COMING SOON
Jan 11-12, 2020 Austin, Texas COMING SOON
Jan 18-19, 2020 New Jersey COMING SOON
Feb 8-9, 2020 Chicago, Illinois COMING SOON
Apr 18-19, 2020 Ottawa, Ontario COMING SOON
Jun 6-7, 2020 San Francisco, California COMING SOON

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"Dr. Marini broke down complex concepts so they were easy to understand and made me feel confident and knowledgeable when talking with others about immunology."

— Christine Fahie, DC