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Pathways Connect: More than a Magazine, It's a Movement

Pathways Connect: Establishing the Wellness Community, Empowering Parents to make Conscious Choices

The Why:

Now, more than ever, parents need a local tribe to connect, share and learn with. As practitioners, we recognize they need quality information and on-going support to make their own conscious choices for their families' well-being. What better place than your practice to host a gathering of parents where this much-needed communication is fostered?

The Results:

Pathways magazine offers its readers a wide array of topics relevant to the family wellness lifestyle. Live, in-person participants, become empowered in their wellness choices and become true advocates in your community. 

Parents who participate in these PC Groups form lasting relationships with you and each other. It's a simple way to deepen your relationship with these parents and help them form new relationships with other parents. Encouraging your patients to bring in family and friends expands your outreach to many more families. 

Dr. John Edwards, ICPA Member, Diplomate and now instructor says, "You have been given an opportunity to run a turn-key marketing system in Pathways that works at a social media level, a sit-down meeting level, and at a community-building level. It’s all there for you. You don’t have to think about a darn thing. You don’t have to write a blog. You don’t have to write a newsletter. You don’t need to be a graphic artist. You don’t need to re-invent a marketing calendar."


Make It Happen: 

  1. Get a foothold: Place a recurring (quarterly) bulk order for 10 or more copies of Pathways magazine (50 or more for imprinting) here:

  2. Take the Step: Once subscribed, contact Kelli at to enroll. You will receive an email with:
    1. Access to a PC Page offering suggestions and formats to proceed with starting your group.
    2. A link to a printable/editable Gathering Group flier for your community advertising.
    3. A digital cover of the current magazine for additional promo. 
    4. Access to an online forum to connect with other Pathways Gathering Group leaders.

  3. Walking the Talk: Prior to each upcoming issue, you will receive via email:
    1. An early digital copy of the upcoming Pathways issue to become acquainted with the articles for your upcoming Pathways Connect Groups. 
    2. A link to questions for discussion at your Pathways Connect Gathering Group.


Turn Key Support:

  1. Free logistical guidelines to set up your practice as a Pathways Connect center.
  2. Free discussion questions each quarter relevant to the current issue of Pathways.
  3. Free Pathways Connect logo next to your listing on the ICPA Referral Directory.
  4. Free Pathways Connect logo for you to put on your website.
  5. Free office labels printed on Pathways magazine covers (with pre-orders of 50 or more).
  6. Access to a Pathways Connect online forum for support with other participants.

 Read John "Doc" Edwards' first-hand account of what Pathways Connect can do for you, your practice, and your wellness community.