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3 Ways to Pay


Pay in Full 

Save up to $800. Secure your spot in the entire series and save by paying for the program in full. This payment option is available to ICPA members only.


Easy registration. One week before the seminar, we'll automatically register you for the upcoming class in your location with the card that you provide. You have the option of cancelling this service at any time. This payment option is available to ICPA members only.

Pay as You Go

Standard registration. Register for the upcoming course(s) you want to attend by 10am ET on Friday (day before the seminar) to secure your spot and avoid any late fees.


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Pricing FAQs


Can I attend individual seminars? Do I have to attend the entire series?

You can register for any ICPA seminar individually without attending the entire series. You will always have the option to register for additional seminars later on and work towards certification. 

Can I receive CE credits by attending seminars?

Yes! You can earn up to 12 hours of CE in one ICPA weekend. Learn more »

What are the terms of agreement when registering for a seminar?

View ICPA Seminar Policies » 

Wait! I've still got questions...

We're here to help! Please email with any questions you might have about attending a seminar with the ICPA.