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Clinical Certainty Through Functional Assessment

(3 Program Credits) This course will incorporate hands on and practical experience necessary to perform a thorough exam for an infant. We will cover the first encounter with the infant and parent(s), examination procedures and communication of the findings. We will discuss the importance of the primitive reflexes that are present initially from birth to one year, how they correlate to milestones, nervous system and brain development. Then, we will look at the examination for an older child with a neurodevelopmental delay. For the older child, we will look at what results when the primitive reflexes are retained, the necessity of chiropractic care to assist with their inhibition and how correcting subluxations helps to restore brain balance.

Course Goal

You will master how to perform a thorough examination and you will know how to communicate the results in a way that is meaningful to the parents. Certainty comes from having the technical skills first and then the ability to be able to communicate findings so that the parents engage their child in care.

What to Bring: Please bring a baby doll with a soft body and either a massage or adjusting table if you have one.

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