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Dr. Lisa Geiger, DC, CACCP

An LCCW graduate, Dr. Geiger practiced in Scotland and Sweden for 7 years. While in Europe she studied everything she could about chiropractic for infants, children, pregnant women and the birth process at AECC in Bournemouth, England. Upon returning to the US, she continued her perinatal and pediatric studies with the ICPA. 

After returning to Boston in 2004 Dr. Geiger built a thriving family practice in Brookline, MA. Her current client base is composed of 1/3 children, 1/3 pregnant women, and 1/3 everyone else. Many individuals with special needs find expert support on her table, and her depth of understanding and passion started with her son’s journey along that same road.

Dr. Geiger has a passion for chiropractic and connection. As a sought-after speaker in the birth, lactation, and chiropractic communities, she spreads awareness about supporting optimal function and how that serves individuals and families. She empowers parents and parents-to-be on their journey through her work in the office and the community. She offers practitioners the skills and tools to serve and support their patients and the broader communities. 

Practicing and studying in four different countries over the last 22 years, and training with some of the best minds in chiropractic on two continents, Dr. Geiger continues to hone and promote her vision of supporting optimal function in a baby, a family, our communities, and the world, one tiny little spine at a time, one exhausted and exhilarated parent at a time!

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