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Dr. Sarah Hogan, DC

Dr. Sarah Hogan, DC, is a 2013 graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Her strong interest in science and a natural, healthy lifestyle was the driving force for her to initiate a career in chiropractic. While at school her understanding of neurology and physiology expanded and she gained an interest in pediatric care. During her last year at Palmer, she started taking the ICPA’s certification modules.

While attending Dr. Thompson’s ICPA module, she found a great mentor. Dr. Thompson has helped shape her to become the chiropractor she is today. Since then, Dr. Sarah and Dr. Thompson have worked side by side in practice and in teaching. Together they make a great team and share a common respect for a salutogenic way of practicing that is evident through their technique, teaching, and contributions to the chiropractic profession. As a team, they created, developed and launched the new “SalutoMetrics” program to help chiropractors confidently examine infants.

Ultimately Dr. Sarah is very passionate about subluxation-based chiropractic, especially for the pediatric population. Dr. Sarah is proud to promote a salutogenic lifestyle and model for care while helping people truly understand chiropractic and the negative effects of Subluxations. Personally she enjoys striving for an active and healthy life. Fitness and healthy eating are high priorities. Professionally, she is always motivated to improve her skills in the three pillars of chiropractic – science, art, and philosophy.

Dr. Hogan co-teaches the class "Techniques: Thompson and Logan with Infant Exam" with Dr. James Thompson.

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