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Breastfeeding and TOTs: Functional Support Through Chiropractic

(8 Hours) This 8-hour course is designed to explain the functional support provided through chiropractic care and its impact on the resolution of feeding dysfunction. This module will cover the specific anatomy associated with Tethered Oral Tissues, possible causes, specific technique, exam and management approaches. This course will bring clarity to the importance of chiropractic assessment and care for the newborn infant and the impact it can have on breastfeeding; thus allowing for greater education and shared dialogue with medical Lactation professionals and families.

Registrants will gain a deeper understanding of the breastfeeding dyad and its relationship to common presentation. The purpose of this course is NOT to teach you to diagnose the congenital form of oral ties (i.e. Ankyloglossia), to diagnose or treat any of the covered conditions, or to determine when/if surgery is warranted. 

ICPA chiropractors assess the neuro-biomechanical function of the spine, cranium, and extremities. Our scope is to correct dysfunctions in these areas through analysis, specifically applied chiropractic adjustments, and recommended neurological exercises.

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Breastfeeding and TOTs: Functional Support Through Chiropractic (On Demand) (8 Hours)

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