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Sympathetic Dominance in Perinatal & Pediatric Populations

(4 Hours) This 4-hour course teaches hands-on clinical skills to evaluate and care for patients experiencing chronic Sympathetic Dominance (aka sympatheticotonia) secondary to trauma and/or ongoing stress using a NeuroFascial framework. We will explore the neurostructural causes of Sympathetic Dominance and its impact on growth & development, mental health, sensory processing, and change receptivity, as well as the relationship to polyvagal theory, and mechanisms for chiropractic modulation of the autonomic nervous system. Participants will gain an understanding of fascial anatomy particularly as it relates to Adverse Mechanical tension on the Central Nervous System via the Dural Fascial Kinetic Chain. 

Course Goal

Participants gain the skills necessary to assess Sympathetic Dominance and Adverse Mechanical Tension in the Dural Fascial Kinetic Chain, and use simple exercises, fascial manual therapy, and specific chiropractic adjustments influencing the Dural Fascial Kinetic Chain to facilitate faster, easier, and longer-lasting response to all other technique application.

Upcoming Dates

Sympathetic Dominance in Perinatal & Pediatric Populations (Online) (4 Hours)

Jul 20, 2024
Sat: 8:30 AM - 12:30 AM Pacific

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