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ICPA Certification Program Orientation

Welcome to the ICPA Certification Program!

We are so happy to have you participating in the ICPA Certification Program. Here you can find everything you need to know to succeed in the program. Learn what to expect from ICPA seminars, the exam and PBRNs, where to get support when you're stuck and important tips for success.  

Navigating Your Account 

You can manage your progress in the ICPA Certification Program from Your Account

  • See which seminars you still need to register for and attend
  • Update seminar registrations by switching locations
  • Request CE credits
  • Access seminar notes and resources 
  • View charge history and upcoming charges for auto-registration
  • Update your payment method for upcoming charges

Go to Your Account 

Your Payment Program 


You've paid for and registered for all 14 seminars and 2 PBRN modules (exam fee not included) . You can view your registrations in your account. 



You've set up auto-registration for all 14 seminars (PBRN modules and exam fee not included). You will be charged 1 week before the seminar on Saturday. 



1. Certification Program Guide

2. Seminar Guide

3. Exam Guide

4. PBRN Guide

5. Next Steps

Your Support Team

  • General seminar questions 
  • Help with rescheduling seminars 
  • CE questions

  • General PBRN questions
  • Checking your data

  • Questions about the exam
  • Submitting your exam
  • Exam retakes