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Seminar Guide

Seminar Guide

Requirement: Attendance at 20 Seminars (60 hours in-person)

Need help? We're here to support you every step of the way. Please contact with any questions you might have about attending seminars. 

Before the Seminar

Payment: If you are enrolled in auto-registration, you will be charged for upcoming in-person seminars 1 week before the seminar. If the charge does not go through, you can update your credit card information in your account. After you are charged, you will receive your seminar notes. You will have to register and pay independently for each online course if you choose auto-registration. 

Venue and Transportation: Familiarize yourself with the seminar venue. We advertise the nearest metropolitan area, but locations may be located outside of the city. Venue information is listed on your location's page. The ICPA does not reimburse for transportation or parking fees. 

What to Bring: Each seminar may require different tools to enhance the learning experience such as a doll or adjusting table. The materials needed for the seminars are stated on the course pages of each seminar. In addition, please bring any snacks or drinks that you would like to have at the seminar.

Seminar Notes: Your notes will be made available to you 1 week before the seminar in your account. If you register for a seminar on or after Friday, you will receive the notes the day that you register. Please print out the notes to bring with you. With the exception of Dr. Kevorkian's seminar, copies will not be available for you on-site. Online course notes are available as soon as you register. You can download them through your account or through the online course platform. 

Request CE Credits: If you need CE credits for an individual seminar, you can request CE in your account. US states and Canadian provinces that have been approved for the selected location and class will be listed. Read the Full CE Policy

Rescheduling a Seminar: Can't make an in-person seminar that you have signed up for? Transfer your registration to another location in your account. 

Seminar Cancellation: We make every attempt to offer the program as announced, but sometimes we have to accommodate unanticipated circumstances. You will be notified by email if a seminar is cancelled. We advise you to check your email the night prior to a seminar. 

At the In-Person Seminar

Attendance: Each attendee must sign-in and out at the specified times during the course of the weekend to receive credit for each seminar. You will only be given credit for those hours you are actually in the room. Accuracy of attendance sheets is verified by the proctor. Discrepancies between proctor and attendee for attendance will result in failure to receive classroom hour credit. 

Lunch Break: All seminars break for lunch on Saturday, usually from 1 pm to 2 pm. 

Children in Class: The ICPA allows and supports breastfeeding mothers. However, the noise level from the attending infants must be minimal at the seminars. Read the Full Children in Class Policy.

After the Seminar 

In-Person Attendance Verification: We will record your attendance to the seminar after we receive paperwork from the location proctor. You will be able to view the status in your account. 

Late CE Requests: You may request CE up to (7) days after a seminar has passed in your account. After this time, you may still request CE from your account, however your request will be subject to an additional $25.00 administrative fee.

Online Course Attendance Verification: All registrants must complete each video and quiz component of the course. Attendance will be marked in your account after you have finished 100% of the course.


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