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ICPA Certification Program & Payment Policies

In order to participate in the ICPA Certification Program, you must read and agree to the following terms.

1. Certification Program Participation Agreement

  • I intend to complete all 20 seminars for certification.
  • I have selected a primary location to attend the 15 in-person seminars.
  • I understand that the ICPA may request proof of my education and/or professional credentials such as license and malpractice.
  • I agree to adhere to the Agreement of Ethical and Professional Standards

2. Payment Terms of Agreement

Pay in Full

  • I am an ICPA auto-renewal member and will remain so until successful completion of all 15 in-person seminars, 4 online seminars, and the exam
  • I agree to a one-time payment as listed on the registration form.
  • I agree to have the ICPA register me for the in-person seminars in my selected location.
  • I understand I will be automatically registered for the online courses and can initiate these requirements at any time.
  • Should I not be able to attend any in-person seminars scheduled in my primary location, I will maintain the right to take that class in any ICPA sponsored location within 3 years from the first class in my selected location.
  • I realize if I choose to discontinue the series, each seminar I have attended will be prorated to the Pay as You Go cost. In addition, I recognize that there is a 3% return service fee on the remaining balance.
  • I understand that if I choose to discontinue the series, online courses are non-refundable.
  • I understand that it is recommended that I complete the series 3 years from the first attended class. If not completed during this time, I may be responsible for attending any updated classes and for any updated fees that are part of the current curriculum.


  • I am an ICPA auto-renewal member and will remain so until successful completion of all20 seminars and the final exam.
  • I understand that the ICPA will charge my credit card monthly for each scheduled in-person seminar in my chosen location. These charges will occur 1 week prior to the scheduled seminar. 
  • I agree to have the ICPA pre-register me for the modules in my selected location.
  • I understand that in order to earn my ICPA Certification, it is up to me to register independently for the two required PBRNs.
  • If I cannot attend the upcoming in-person seminars, I have two options: 
    • I can keep my payment on file and update my registration to a different location in my account. This will not interrupt my future Auto-Registrations in my primary location. 
    • If I do not want to be charged for a particular weekend, it is my responsibility to notify the ICPA prior to Friday, 5 pm ET the week before the seminar and my Auto-Registration will be canceled for that weekend and all future weekends.
  • I understand that it is recommended that I complete the series 3 years from the first attended class. If not completed during this time, I may be responsible for attending any updated classes and for any updated fees that are part of the current curriculum. 


3. Attendance Policy

In-Person Seminar Attendance Verification: Each attendee must sign-in and out over the course of the weekend, as instructed by the proctor, to receive credit for each individual module. You will only be given credit for those hours you are actually in the room. The accuracy of attendance sheets is verified by the proctor. Discrepancies between proctor and attendee for attendance will result in failure to receive classroom hour credit. 

Make-up Hours: Candidates participating in the Certification Program are required to attend the full 12, 8, or 4 hours for each seminar. 

  • I agree to attend all hours of the seminar if I am accruing credits towards CE or ICPA Certification. I will only receive credit for the hours I am in the classroom, which is verified by my attendance signatures over the course of the weekend.
  • I agree to arrive at the seminar on time in the morning, after each break and to stay until the class is over.
  • I agree that the assigned proctor for each location reserves the sole discretion to verify my signature and attendance hours.
  • I acknowledge that my physical and mental presence is required to receive credit for class hour attendance. Sleeping, reading newspapers, listening to music, surfing the web or tending to a child during class hours will cause these missed hours to be deducted from my attendance hours.
  • I acknowledge that NO video or audio recording is permitted at any of the modules. Unauthorized recording and distribution of materials will lead to dismissal from the program and face additional, legal retribution.

Online Seminar Attendance Verification: All registrants must complete each video and quiz component of the course. Attendance will be marked in your account after you have finished 100% of the course.

Student Attendance: Chiropractic students in their final two years of school are eligible to register for ICPA seminars.

4. Completion of Certification Requirements

Accruing Seminar Credits: The ICPA keeps a central database of all attendees' records for all locations. You can also view the credits you have accrued in your account. Although the program does not have to be completed within a current location offering, please be aware that there is no guarantee that the program will be offered in the same location again and the candidate may be required to travel to complete the classes within their designated time frame. 

Curriculum Deadline: The ICPA recommends that each candidate complete all 48 course credits and register to take the exam within 3 years. After this time period, there may be new requirements to be fulfilled before the candidate is eligible to register for the CACCP exam.

Exam Eligibility: Chiropractors who have completed all 48 course credit requirements are eligible to apply for the ICPA Certification Exam. Students are not eligible to take the exam.

Exam Process: The final exam is a rigorous, comprehensive essay exam and consists of one question from each seminar you attended. The exam is completed at home over the course of 90 days. There is a $500 registration fee (not included in your course registration). After you have completed all 15 in-person seminars and 4 online seminars, you will be able to register for the exam from your account.  As of 2019, in addition to the CACCP exam, exam candidates must also take and pass the online Webster exam. Please read the ICPA Agreement of Ethical and Professional Standards before taking the exam.

Students: After you have graduated and become a licensed chiropractor, you will be eligible to apply for the final exam. 

CertificationA Certification from the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP) will be awarded through the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice and endorsed by the ICPA after successful completion of all seminar and exam requirements. 

Maintenance of Certification Status: Graduates of the Certification program are required to maintain certification status by taking 12 hours of continuing education with the ICPA every 2 years. About the CE Requirement »


5. Program Changes and Cancellations

Program Cancellation: The ICPA and the sponsoring organization/college reserve the right to cancel a seminar or complete program due to low registration, unforeseen travel difficulties, or emergency instructor unavailability. The ICPA will reschedule instructors according to circumstances. Instructors are subject to change depending on extenuating circumstances.

  • I agree that the ICPA reserves the right to adjust program faculty, location, dates, times, and tuition to accommodate unanticipated occurrences.
  • I acknowledge that the ICPA is not responsible for any expenses incurred by me as a registrant due to program adjustments or cancellations including but not limited to hotel and airline reservations.


6. Refund Policy

Refunds: The ICPA's return policy is minimal and based on charges accrued. Because of our non-profit status, we can not accrue credit card and shipping costs. All returns to the ICPA can be credited towards another product or service. 

  • I agree that partial refunds will not be granted for partial attendance. No exceptions. If I am unable to attend a pre-paid module, I will be able to transfer my tuition to a future module free of charge by contacting the ICPA. 
  • I recognize that a service fee of 3% will be applied to refunds. I acknowledge that I can choose to transfer the individual seminar fee to another module without a service fee. The module transfer fee will be valid for two years.
  • I agree that full refunds are not applicable. If I cancel a registration after receipt of module notes, I have the option to have a credit for a future seminar.
  • I agree that registration for an online course is non-refundable due to instant access to the course and notes. 


7. Webster Certification

  • I acknowledge that Webster Certification is initiated by my attendance to all 13 hours of Perinatal Care with Optional Webster Certification with Dr. Jeanne Ohm. 
  • I acknowledge that I am a chiropractor in good, ethical standing with my region's professional board. 
  • I understand that I must be an auto-renewing ICPA member in order to be eligible to take the Webster seminar.
  • I understand that I must be an auto-renewing ICPA DC member in order to be eligible to test and become certified in the Webster technique.
  • I understand that my Webster Certification is maintained with ongoing membership to the ICPA.
  • I understand I must take and pass the on-site practical and online written exams to become certified.
  • I acknowledge that the exam fee is included in the cost of the Webster seminar.
  • Students: Upon graduation, I will contact the ICPA to upgrade to DC status and take the written exam.


8. Continuing Education

Continuing Education Hours: The ICPA provides continuing education (CE) hours as an added service. ICPA will issue a CE certificate of completion for approved seminars upon request and attendance verification. ICPA Seminars are eligible for up to 12 hours of continuing education credits based on recorded attendance and length of the seminar. How to Request CE » 

  • I hereby understand that there is a $45 fee per seminar that is payable to the ICPA.
  • I understand that CE credits can be requested in my account up to (7) days after a seminar has passed. CE credits requested after the (7) day grace period will be subject to an additional administrative fee of $25.00.

State CE is available for online seminars. Depending on the length of the class, classes may be approved for up to 12 hours of CE in some states. Please check with your State Board to determine how many hours of online CE they accept. For more details about each class's approval, please visit the individual course pages. 


9. Children in Class 

The ICPA allows and supports breastfeeding mothers. However, the noise level from the attending infants must be minimal at the seminars. As parents, we get accustomed to the little sounds that our children can make. This can be very distracting to those who do not have children. We are asking parents to be overly sensitive and as soon as a child makes a noise (either pleasant or not) to leave the room. In this way, all attendees will be respectful of others and their ability to concentrate at the seminars.

We have found that children over 9 months of age are unable to sit quietly through a 12-hour session. Not only is it distracting to other attendees but the time the parent has to spend out of the room will affect attendance hours and may require make-up. 

Children of all ages are welcome in those classes during specific times where the instructor has invited parents to bring them for demonstration purposes.

Suggestions for children in class: It is our strong recommendation that parents have an assistant present with them during the weekend who is able to tend to the child and yet have the child on-site for breastfeeding or other irreplaceable needs. Some parents will set up a baby monitor in the classroom, and in the hallway. This way, if they need to leave the room for a brief time, they are able to continue to listen to the class.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time at our sole discretion. Please refer back to this page for updates.

10. Disclaimer Regarding Audio/Video Recording of Seminars and Events

By registering for and attending any ICPA seminar or gathering (live or virtual), you are participating in an event where photography, video recording, and audio recording may occur. ICPA, Inc. reserves the right to use any photographs, video, or audio taken at the event without the express written permission of those included within the photograph, video, or audio recording. ICPA, Inc. may use photographs, videos, and audio taken at seminars and gatherings in publications or other media material, including, but not limited to, use on websites, social media, news, press releases, brochures, invitations, and other promotional or advertising materials. Images and audio will not be identified using full names or personal identifying information without approval from the subject of such images or audio.