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The Essentials of Chiropractic: Education in the Perinatal Period (4 Hours)

(4 Hours) This one-day/4-hour class will introduce innovative and advanced approaches in teaching parents about chiropractic care in the perinatal practice. All too often chiropractors unknowingly step out of their practice parameters in their patient education. Dr. Ian provides an understanding of ethical standards and best practices. Dr. Ian will also discuss the importance of collaboration with numerous health care providers in your community to offer the best possible care for the families in your practice.

Course Goal

To provide the attendees with an ethical and effective communication approach with the public, other providers, and within their practice to make chiropractic care a routine aspect of perinatal care. An emphasis on new patient interactions, sharing chiropractic on social media, and building relationships with other healthcare professionals will leave attendees with the confidence and plans to better build their perinatal practice.

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I think frequently, communication is what is lacking. This was a fantastic presentation of how to effectively communicate with patients, the public, and other practitioners.

- Alana Flitt, DC