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Measure what Matters: Thermography, HRV, SEMG (Online) (4 Hours)

(1 credit) This 4-hour online course explores the clinical applications of technologies such as the CLA’s Insight Technology and Titronics Tytron Thermography in the analysis of subluxation patterns. Introducing the clinical application of instrument based physiologic measures for neurologic function utilizing heart rate variability, surface electromyography, and thermography for infants and children. Specifically, to create competency in using such an instrument for periodic outcome assessments, re-assessments, research opportunity, and patient education.

Course Goal

To promote certainty in understanding and utilizing technology driven objective assessments and how to determine whether a patient may benefit from chiropractic care.  Further, it will help determine whether the delivery of the adjustment has created a physiological and neurological change.  The ability to objectively assess subluxation patterns, promote communication of neurology at a patient level, and provide evidence to support the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation in a salutogenic model.


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