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Program Details


Program Details

The ICPA Certification Program provides chiropractors and chiropractic students with fundamental clinical skills, knowledge, and research pertaining to the care of children and pregnant mothers. The program is designed to build your confidence as a family practitioner and guide you and your practice model towards the creation of health, building the vitality and adaptability of those that you serve. 

At the close of the program, ICPA graduates are eligible for the credentials CACCP: Certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics.


Length: 200 hours completed over the course of approximately 2.5 years. 
Requirements: 16 Modules: 14 seminars, 2 PBRN research projects and a final exam.  As of 2019 anyone taking the final exam will also need to complete the newest version of the Webster exam.
Cost: 3 payment options available: View Pricing Details » (there is an additional, separate exam fee to be paid when you apply to take the exam.  This is not included in the program fee)
Prerequisites: Open to chiropractors and chiropractic students in their 5th quarter/4th trimester or higher. ICPA membership is required to attend the Perinatal Care with Included Webster Certification seminar. All other seminars do not require membership to attend.

Program Features  

  • 30+ years of family practice experience from 14 experts. 
  • Practical clinical content and research for the evidence-based practice. 
  • Highly accessible with availability in 20+ locations, most local to chiropractic colleges. 
  • Flexibility in program schedule and payment options.  
  • Hands-on technique practice and workshop style classes. 
  • Take home tools, techniques and strategies you can use on Monday morning. 

Program Endorsement


The ICPA Certification and Diplomate Programs are endorsed and certified by the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice

The Certification Program is co-sponsored by Cleveland University - Kansas City. Additional post graduate sponsors of the Certification Program include: Northwestern Health Sciences UniversityLife UniversitySherman College of Chiropractic and Parker University.


Certification Requirements 

1. Complete 14 core seminars. 

Seminars are held in hosting locations about once a month over the course of 14-20 months. Seminars are held on Saturdays and Sundays, and each seminar is 12 hours total (unless otherwise stated). View Curriculum » 

2. Complete the CACCP exam. 

The CACCP exam is a comprehensive essay exam and consists of one question from seminar in the current curriculum. After completion of the 14 seminar modules, you can register for the exam.  The exam fee is $500 and is not included in the program fee.

3. Complete 2 PBRN projects.  

PBRN projects are research projects that take place in an office setting. PBRNs can be completed at anytime during the ICPA Certification Program and you must be in practice in order to participate.



How long do I have to complete the curriculum?

The ICPA recommends that each candidate complete all classroom modules and register to take the exam within 3 years of their first seminar. This is referred to as your Curriculum Deadline.  After 3 years there may be additional requirements to complete.

What is taught in the Certification Program? 

All techniques taught in the Certification Program are those currently taught at chiropractic colleges and are adapted for children and pregnant patients. 

  • Pregnancy care: techniques and procedures, Webster Technique certification. Effects of nutrition on fertility, during and after pregnancy. 
  • Extensive research: concerns that parents face, childhood issues and evidence-informed research to substantiate care. 
  • Pediatric care: newborn adjusting techniques, toddler techniques and school-aged children's concerns. Short lever segmental, gonstead technique, thompson technique, infant toggle, upper cervical and the tonal model of care. 
  • Sciences with practical application: in-depth look at pediatric neurology, immunology, physiology, nutrition throughout childhood. 
  • Neurodevelopmental challenges and care: adjusting techniques, segmental motion palpation, validation of the VSC.
  • Communication: educating on the proper scope of chiropractic and the intention for care. Transitioning from symptom-based model of care to a salutogenic family practice model. 
  • Self-assessment: strategies for practice and personal development. Principles, procedures and practice management tips.  

Can I attend seminars in more than one location?

Yes! You will be asked to select your primary location when you register for a series, but you can make up a seminar in any other offered location. 

What is a PBRN? 

The PBRN modules are clinical and observational research projects that are conducted in-office. Because these modules require a practice setting, students are not eligible to participate until after they are in practice. 

When can I take the exam?

Licensed chiropractors who have completed all classroom requirements are eligible to apply for the CACCP exam.  Students must upgrade their membership to DC status before applying for the exam.  PBRN completion is not required to take the exam.

How long does the exam take?

The final exam is a rigorous, comprehensive exam, completed over the course of 90 days. 

Where can I view the terms of agreement for the ICPA Certification Program? 

You can review the policies and terms of agreement for the Certification Program here.


How to Register


Streamline registration to the whole series and save up to $800 by paying for the program in full.  (This payment option does not include the exam fee)


One week before the seminar, we'll automatically charge you for the upcoming class in your location with the card that you provided. You have the option of canceling this service at any time. 

Pay as You Go

Once a month, prior to each seminar, get online and register for the upcoming seminar you want to attend. Don't worry, these courses will still accrue toward your certification and you'll still have the option to register for the whole program if you decide to later. Register by 12:00 AM ET on Friday (the day before the seminar) to secure your spot and avoid any late fees.

View Pricing Details »


Benefits of Certification

  • Expand your family practice.
  • Enhance your current skillset.
  • Gain confidence in your care.

Earn Your ICPA Certification

Register for all 16 modules (14 Seminars and 2 Research projects) to get started today.

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