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Exam Guide

Exam Guide

Requirement: Complete the CACCP exam after attendance to the 15 in-person and 4 online seminars. 

The CACCP exam is issued by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (ACCP) of the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice. 

The exam consists of 19 essay questions, one for each seminar module in the current program. Candidates should expect to spend 40-50 hours to complete the exam. When you have completed all classroom requirements, you are eligible to apply for the CACCP exam.

Each exam is graded anonymously by two members of the Academy grading team.  Only the exam coordinator will know the identity of the candidate.

Need Help? We're here to support you every step of the way. Contact our Certifications Coordinator at with any questions you might have about completing the exam. 

Agreement of Ethical and Professional Standards

Please realize that failure to comply with any part of these ethical and professional standards may result in forfeiting your right to complete the exam, and proceed with certification. Your checkbox during your registration process confirms your agreement to these terms. 

  • Once you receive your exam, its content and your subsequent answers are to remain confidential and private. This confidentiality is requested throughout the exam process and after your completion of the exam.
  • Sharing questions and/or answers with colleagues (regardless of their affiliation with the ICPA) is unacceptable. Taking the exam with others is also unacceptable. 
  • It is expected that your responses will be utilizing the academic and/or clinical material covered in class and in your notes, combined with your own clinical experience. It is important that your answers be your original work, in your own words. Extracts from the notes are not considered as your own work. In the instance where you may quote from the notes, sources and authors must be provided. If you choose to utilize another person’s expertise to complement your answers, the required citing is in NLM Format. 
  • Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. If your work is found to be plagiarized from any source including the internet and/or taken from another candidate's exam, and/or taken from the notes without citation, you will fail the exam. 

Exam Process

Starting the Exam

After completion of the 19 seminars, you can register for the exam in your account. We will review your transcripts and payment records. If you are eligible, we will email you the exam and the grading rubric.

Exam Fee: The exam is $500 USD and is non-refundable. 

Upon receipt of the exam, you have (90) days to complete the exam, which is about 40-50 hours of work. 

Confidentiality: Your identity is held in confidence. Only the ICPA Certifications Coordinator is aware of your name. In order to keep your identity confidential, please do not put your name or practice name on any part of the examination and do not include it in any of your answers. 

Exam Format 

The CACCP exam is a comprehensive essay exam. The exam will consist of one question from each seminar. You should expect to write 800-1200 words for each question. You must: 

  • Merge all answers in one complete word document.
  • Format your exam in Times New Roman 12 pt font, single-spaced.
  • Include a bibliography for each question (even if the only source is your seminar notes). 
  • Provide all citations in NLM Format
  • Direct quotes from source materials are not permitted. 

Tips for Success

Preparation: Review your notes extensively. One purpose of the exam is to provide you with the opportunity to revisit the seminar curriculum and recall information that you may have forgotten.

Time management: The CACCP exam takes between 50-60 hours to complete. Please manage your time within the 90-day deadline accordingly. 

Correctness of information: Make sure you are answering the question as it was posed, and addressing all clinical information relevant to the question. For example, when asked to respond to a parent or practitioner, correctness is determined by the knowledge presented in class, and your practical application of this material in the context of who you are presenting to. 

Thoroughness of information: Please clearly state your answers in essay format, leaving the question text intact. Short answers for each question will not be accepted (unless the question requests multiple short answers). Be sure to answer each part of each question, in the order presented.

Depth: Please keep in mind that this exam requires adequate time to develop the knowledge learned in class, your point of view and your clinical expertise related to the question. It is advised that you read through the entire class notes to “re-experience” the class. This bigger perspective may be very relevant to clarifying your clinical practices relating to the question. 

Length:  Each question is designed to be answered in 3 pages or less.  Please keep your answers concise and precise.  Your complete exam should be between 35-45 pages.  

Strong Writing/Clarity of Point: While the examiner does not grade your personal writing style, your ability to communicate your argument and material clearly is important. See the rubric for how grammar, syntax, and clarity of writing affect your grade. If English is not your first language, please indicate this next to your number and date of test completion. 


The Exam Coordinator will provide you with an exam deadline date, which is 90 days after you receive your exam. 

Late Exams

Late exams will be considered a failed grade unless you request and receive a special exception, in writing, from the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics. If you do not turn your exam in by the (initial or extended) due date, your exam will be filed as a “failure for non-return.” This means you will need to re-register for the exam and start the exam process from the beginning. 

Exam Extensions 

You can request up to (2) 30-day extensions. You must make this request prior to the exam due date. You are allotted only two (2) 30-day extensions or be subject to re-registering for the entire exam. 

Extension fee: $100 USD each (non-refundable).


You will receive a grading rubric with your exam. A passing grade is considered 80% or higher. 

Exam Results

Passing Results: An 80% overall grade is needed to pass the exam. You will be notified of your final grade via email within 90 days of the date the exam was received by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics. 

Failed Results: Below an 80% overall grade requires all failed questions (below 80%) to be re-submitted.

Retaking Exam Questions: Each individual question that receives a failing grade must be retaken. You must redo all questions at the same time. It is up to you to contact the Exam Coordinator at to initiate a retake of exam questions. You have 30 days from the date you are notified of your failed exam to register and pay for an exam retake. If you fail to register for the retake within 30 days, you will forfeit your retake and must start the exam from the beginning. You will be offered 90 days to retake all failed questions, no extensions.

Retake fee: $50 USD per question (capped at $300). 

Further Instructions: In the event of a second failed exam (less than 80%), you must retake all of the seminars for which response received below an 80%. If the seminar you are testing on is not from the current curriculum, you will need to take the current equivalent. This means if the curriculum has changed within that amount of time, you are responsible for attending new seminars before receiving the exam again. 


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