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FAQ: Seminar Attendance and Registration

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  • Do I have to attend the entire series?
    No, you can attend individual seminars without registering for the entire series.

  • Can I apply an individual seminar towards Certification?
    Yes, if you attend individual seminars before your Curriculum Deadline. This date is about 3 years from the first class in your primary location. Please attend all seminars and register for your CACCP exam within this timeframe. If you do not attend all of the seminars and register for the exam within this time frame, you are responsible for attending new seminars that have become part of the curriculum and for completing new requirements that have been introduced, including any additional fees. 
  • Can I earn CE credit for in-person seminars?
    You can earn up to 12 hours of CE credit per in-person seminar for applied states and provinces. We apply for CE credit for the state/province of each certification location and the surrounding states/provinces. The cost is $45 per class, and you can request CE for more than one state at no extra fee. Learn more: Continuing Education

  • Can I earn CE credit for an online seminar?
    Yes, state CE is available for online seminars. Depending on the length of the class, classes may be approved for up to 12 hours of CE in some states. Please check with your State Board to determine how many hours of online CE they accept. For more details about each class's approval, please visit the individual course pages. 
  • Can I request CE credits after my attended weekend?
    Yes, you can request CE from your account at any time.  

  • Do I need to be a member to attend a seminar?
    Membership is required to attend Perinatal Care with Optional Webster Certification. All other seminars are open to both members and non-members although members receive significant discounts in seminar registrations. 

  • What is Auto-Registration?
    ICPA members have the benefit of our auto-registration option. To pre-register for every in-person seminar in the location of your choice, select the Auto-Registration option. We will automatically charge your card on file 1 week prior to each scheduled seminar weekend. 

    You will be required to register and pay for the online classes independently if you choose auto-registration. 

  • Are seminars open to other practitioners, CAs and the public?
    No, guests are not permitted to attend ICPA seminars with a DC. Attendees must be chiropractors or chiropractic students.

  • Can chiropractic students register for seminars?
    Yes. Registration is available to chiropractors and to chiropractic students in their final two years of school.

  • How do I begin the online courses I have registered for?
    • Log into your ICPA account
    • Go to the CACCP tab or Perinatal tab
    • Scroll down to the 'Your Online Courses' section
    • Tap 'Go to Course'
    • You will be redirected to the online course where you can start
  • When will I get my seminar notes?
    One week before the seminar, in the seminar registration listed in your account, the seminar resources link will appear. This will contain your notes and other resources that the instructor wants you to have. We will send email reminders out containing a link to the notes 1 week before the seminar on Saturday at 12:00 am. Notes for online classes will be available immediately after registration in your account and through the online course platform.

  • What happens if a seminar is canceled?
    You will be notified by email if a seminar is canceled. We advise you to check your email the night prior to a seminar. Every attempt is made to offer this program as announced. We reserve the right to adjust program faculty, location, dates times and tuition to accommodate unanticipated occurrences.

  • How am I marked as attended for online classes?
    For LIVE Virtual classes, attendance is verified by the viewer logs on the live stream. In order to be marked as attended for a LIVE Virtual seminar, you must log in and attend the live stream as scheduled. For Pre-Recorded classes, once you have completed all video and quiz components of the class, you will automatically be marked as attended in your account.

    Have any additional questions? Email for support. 

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