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ICPA Diplomate Program & Payment Policies

In order to participate in the ICPA Diplomate Program, you must read and agree to the following terms:

1. Diplomate Program Participation Agreement

  • I am a licensed chiropractor and am in practice. 
  • I am currently enrolled in or have completed the ICPA Certification Program. 
  • I understand that the ICPA may request proof of my education and/or professional credentials such as license and malpractice.

2. Application Terms of Agreement

  • I agree to pay the $100 application fee to the Diplomate Program. 

3. Payment Terms of Agreement 

Pay in Full 

  • I am an ICPA auto-renewal member and will remain so until successful completion of all Diplomate requirements. 
  • I agree to a one time payment of $3000. 


  • I am an ICPA auto-renewal member and will remain so until successful completion of all Diplomate requirements. 
  • I am authorizing the ICPA to charge me $1100 upon initial registration and to process two more payments of $1100 quarterly on the fourth and eighth months from my initial registration date. 

4. Completion of Diplomate Requirements

Requirements Deadline: The ICPA recommends that you complete the diplomate requirements within 2 years of the date that you are accepted into the program. If you do not complete the requirements within this time frame, you are responsible for completing new requirements that have been introduced.

5. Achieving Diplomate Status 

  • I understand that the usage of the letters DACCP and the recognition of Diplomate status is a state-by-state regulation. If I awarded the letters DACCP, I am responsible to stay in accordance with my practicing state's regulation and my declaration and advertising of Diplomate status.

Diplomate AchievementA Diplomate from the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (DACCP) will be awarded through the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice and endorsed by the ICPA after successful completion of all 10 requirements. 

Maintenance of Diplomate Status: Graduates of the Diplomate program are required to maintain Diplomate status by completing 12 hours of continuing education with the ICPA every 2 years. About the CE Requirement »


6. Refund Policy

Refunds:  I understand that if I choose not to continue with the entire ICPA Diplomate Program, my payment will be prorated in accordance with administration and services fees rendered.