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Transforming Practical Experience to Family Practice

Participate in this interactive workshop, designed to help you develop practical communication and implement your fresh clinical knowledge into practice. This course combines positive feedback, discussion and Q&A to help identify the gaps in your practice performance and work through them.

Course Goal

In this course, you will receive feedback where you need skill improvement, and develop a method of self-assessment to improve your clinical and practical performance. This plan can be implemented into your practice, into your personal life and can even help you move your patients forward in their course of care. Develop confidence in managing many diverse family cases and grow your practice. 

What to Bring: Please bring a portable table and a baby doll. Any type of baby doll, other than a Barbie (too small) or Cabbage Patch Kid (no neck), is acceptable. Recommendation is “Le Bebe”.

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"Dr. Liz's information and encouragement in practice development was pivotal.

This weekend allowed me to evaluate myself with exams, history, day to day patient visits and build on those skills, allowing me to be more thorough and confident in my interactions."

— Jennifer Katzer, DC