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Communication in a Patient-Centered Health Care Environment

Tell the chiropractic story in a way that is effective, authentic and feels good for you and your patients. This highly interactive workshop will allow you to move your communication skills into a patient-centered context and understand how you can deploy your powerful message in the modern marketplace.

Course Goal

You will not only learn the essential skills of effective communication but how to make them your own, in your own authentic voice. We will workshop your core communication elements and you will get instant feedback which will allow you to transform your daily communication to families in your practice.

What to Bring: You do not have to bring anything. If you like creative projects, you might bring colored pens or post it notes or other creative materials. 

Certification Candidates: This course fulfills the "Transforming Practical Experience to Family Practice" curriculum requirement.

Continuing Education: This course has NOT been approved for Continuing Education credits.

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