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Advanced Techniques in Enhancing Pediatric Neurodiversity (Elective)

8-hour one-day Advanced Elective offered live virtually

This one-day course takes the 12-hour Enhancing Pediatric Neuroplasticity (EPN) to the next level with lots of hands-on in 8-hours of intense training. It offers a comprehensive approach to incorporating advanced neuroplastic-based pediatric chiropractic into your practice starting on Monday morning, using a variety of gentle adjusting techniques with an emphasis in dealing with special needs kids.

Prerequisite: This course is open only to those who have completed the ICPA course Enhancing Pediatric Neuroplasticity

Course Goal

Learn to incorporate a variety of pediatric chiropractic techniques into your current practice in a fun and informative manner. Gentle pediatric adjusting techniques for the special needs child, Polyvagal theory, pediatric adjusting algorithms, primitive reflexes not discussed in EPN and modifying your adjustment for difficult cases will be the focus of this course.


Upcoming Dates

Advanced Techniques in Enhancing Pediatric Neurodiversity (LIVE Virtual) (Elective) (8 Hours)

Feb 26, 2022
Sat: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM Eastern

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