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Congratulations to the Barcelona College of Chiropractic


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The ICPA is celebrating with our European colleagues! The Barcelona College of Chiropractic (BCC) officially has full accredited status by the European Council on Chiropractic Education (ECCE). Currently, there are only 8 other chiropractic ECCE-accredited programs in all of Europe. We are excited to see the lively city of Barcelona offer chiropractors a great location for education. This accreditation is truly a victory for the chiropractic profession.

In 2007, the BCC was founded and since its inception has garnered vast support. The dedicated supporters of BCC include: educators, industry leaders, practicing chiropractors and those they care for. We are proud to have supported this accreditation process and are thrilled with the outcome. Compliments to the students, professors and staff who worked tirelessly.

“Many people gave and gave and gave on all levels for this to happen. They are to be commended!” — Jeanne Ohm, DC

The college already has attracted students from all over the globe. Students from more than 19 different countries have attended the college and enrollment numbers of international students is projected to increase. Those interested in becoming a chiropractor at BCC can apply for the autumn semester by contacting the BCC Admissions Coordinator, Miss Patricia Llatjos at

For professionals interested in teaching positions or in teaching a seminar using the college's facilities, please contact The college is always open to receiving visitors and providing tours. 

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