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FAQ: PBRN Participation

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  • What is the ICPA Practice-Based Research Network?
    The ICPA PBRN is comprised of chiropractors conducting clinical and observational research in the course of patient care to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
  • How can I participate?
    We encourage all of our members to participate in our current research projects. The first step to participate in any ICPA PBRN project is to complete the NIH online tutorial on the Protection of Human Subjects. After you complete the tutorial, email a copy of your NIH certificate of completion or certificate number to

    The next step to initiate a PBRN project depends on your purpose for participation. You can learn more here: Participate in PBRN
    You can find more information about our current projects here: PBRN Projects
  • What are the benefits of ICPA PBRN participation?
    Participating as an ICPA PBRN Clinician-Scientist, you are part of a unique chiropractic fellowship that enjoys high visibility. You will:
    • Acquire the knowledge and skills to conduct clinical research.
    • Have access to sound scientific evidence to integrate with your clinical experience/expertise in making clinical decisions while at all times maintaining respect for the needs and wants of patients/parents.
    • Feel a sense of professional and personal accomplishment.
  • Who else in my office needs to be involved? Is there training?
    As a busy practitioner, you may decide to delegate some of the research activities to key members of your staff. It is important that all involved understand the basic principles of research on the Protection of Human Subjects. Please give your staff clear instructions on how to appropriately and correctly carry out each study. Assuring that your staff has been given proper instructions will prevent invalid data and having to re-do the study. It is YOUR responsibility to give all of your staff members involved, clear directions on how to carry out and enter the data for each study. Other online courses will be offered and required for participation, depending on the study involved.
  • How much time will research take from my practice?
    Upon completion of study-specific training (if any), you and/or your staff can expect to spend about 2 hours a week engaged in the details of your chosen study. Time commitment to complete surveys and questionnaires are minimized. Some studies may require some staff members or yourself to review chart data in order to complete the questionnaires.
  • How many studies am I expected to be involved in?
    If you are participating in PBRN research projects towards your ICPA Certification, you must complete 2 PBRNs. If you decide to advance your certification in the Diplomate Program, you will have to complete 2 additional PBRNs. After you meet your certification requirements, you can continue to participate in PBRN studies at your leisure.
  • Can I offer patients who participate a gift and/or free adjustment at their next visit?
    Solicitation (e.g. offering a free adjustment) of new patients under the guise of participation in a study will result in two serious consequences:
    • Your data will not be valid.
    • The entire PBRN study will be compromised and Ethics/Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval may be withdrawn, as this violates the terms and conditions of IRB approval. *Note: This is all stated in your Terms of PBRN Participation Agreement

 If you have any additional questions, please contact for support.

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