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ICPA Account FAQ

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  • How do I claim my account?
    If you've been an ICPA member or have attended an ICPA seminar in the past, you may be able to claim your account without creating a new one. Simply visit the login page, click "New to the Site or Forgot Username/Password" and enter your email. If your email matches an email address that we have on file, we'll email you a link to claim your account. 

  • How do I create an account?
    There are 2 ways. If you join the ICPA or register for a seminar, you will be asked to create an account as part of the process.  
  • How can I reset my password?
    Visit the login page, click "New to the Site or Forgot Username/Password". Enter your account email, and we'll send you an email with your username and a link to reset your password. 

  • How do I change my contact information?
    From your account, click "edit" next to member details. From this page, you can specify which email and phone number you would like for the ICPA to use to contact you. You can also change your account password or username, update your directory listing and change your shipping address. 
  • What are all of the seminars listed in my account?
    In your account, you will see all 19 seminars that are part of the current ICPA Certification Program curriculum. This should help you track your progress in the program if you choose to pursue your CACCP. You can register for any seminar from your account, access your notes from seminars you've already taken, and more. 

    Still have questions? Email for assistance. 

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