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ICPA Collaboration & Endorsement Policy

This ICPA policy addresses our endorsement of person/company/organizations and their usage of our name, logo, etc. on their (person/company/organization) websites and in their newsletters, etc.

  1. Non-profit organizations: ICPA supports reciprocity and at our own discretion, meaning we will donate to and accept donations from like-minded non-profits who support our mission and we support theirs.

  2. For-profit organizations/companies: ICPA will accept donations from any person or organization who chooses to donate to ICPA. In return we will offer a public "thank you" and acknowledgment to the person/company/organization and keep a record of their donation public on our website. Accepting donations from any person/company/organization does not imply ICPA collaboration or endorsement of that person/company/organization’s product or service. Any usage of ICPA logo and related wording by the company comes only with approval from the ICPA board.

The ICPA, on behalf of its members, appreciates when a person/company/organization offers discounts for its members. When a person/company/organization chooses to offer discounts to ICPA members for their product/service, this does not imply collaboration with or endorsement of that company's product or service by the ICPA. Nor does it include an agreement for ICPA to encourage the sales of products or services of that company to its members. The company, however, may encourage their own current consumers to join the ICPA and therefore benefit from the discount they are offering. Any usage of logo or wording including this perceived relationship on any materials must be approved by the board of the ICPA.