ICPA Seminar Course Curriculums: 200 Hour Certification Program

  • Any of our classes may be taken as independent, free standing seminars.
  • All of our locations offer CE Credits in that state/province and those surrounding the primary location.
  • Classes accrue credit towards ICPA Certification/Diplomate Status.
  • Read about the ICPA Certification/Diplomate Program here.
  • Each ICPA/PBRN fulfills requirements for one certification class.

Link to Instructors:

Joel Alcantara, DC | Liz Anderson-Peacock, DC | Anthony Carrino, DC | Ron Castellucci, DC | Michael Hall, DC | Peter Kevorkian, DC | Stephen Marini, PhD, DC | John Minardi, DC | Jeanne Ohm, DC | Marty Rosen, DC | Armand Rossi, DC | Drew Rubin, DC | Marcia Schaefer, DC | James Thompson, DC | ICPA/PBRN: Doctor Research Project

Module Topics and Instructors: Each module is 12 hours
Dr. Armand Rossi Headshot

The Essentials of Chiropractic Care for Children

The Essentials of a Family Practice. Adaptations & considerations for the child in the chiropractic practice. Addressing parental concerns. Report of Findings. Demonstration of various chiropractic techniques and their application to the pediatric patient. (Please bring Dolls.)

Armand Rossi, B.A., D.C, F.I.C.P.A. - Speaking Schedule
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Perinatal Care

Techniques and case management for pregnancy, birth & infancy. Hands on demonstrations and application of adjusting techniques in pregnancy and infancy. Webster Technique Certification, optional. (Please bring Tables.)

Jeanne Ohm, D.C., F.I.C.P.A. - Speaking Schedule
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Dr. Ron Castellucci Headshot

Full-spine Segmental Evaluation and Adjusting

This class covers full spine muscle and motion palpation for the infant and child with the application of short lever adjusting adapted from the Gonstead and diversified models. There is an emphasis on upper cervical, including toggle. There is comprehensive review of spinal anatomy and physiologywith extensive hands on application. Attendees are required to bring dolls and adjusting tables. (Please bring Tables.)

Ron Castellucci, DC. - Speaking Schedule
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Dr. Stephen Marini Headshot

Neuroimmunology: Patterns of Interference

Current immunological research pertaining to the child. Normal immunology and comparison with immunological compromise in the damaged child. Vaccination concepts and controversies.

Stephen Marini, M.S., D.C., Ph.D. - Speaking Schedule
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Dr. James Thompson Headshot

Techniques: Thompson and Logan

Exam procedures. Pediatric analysis and adjustment with emphasis on Thompson, Logan analysis and the tonal model of care. Includes demonstration of Infant Toggle Adjusting and Webster's Coronal Suture. Hands on application of techniques. (Please bring Tables)

James Thompson, B.Sc., D.C., F.I.C.P.A. - Speaking Schedule
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Dr. Michael Hall Headshot

Developmental Neurobiology

 Current and contemporary neurological principles addressing the sensory, motor, and cognitive systems as well as tone of the autonomic nervous system. Techniques of examination and assessment will be demonstrated throughout the module.

Michael Hall, D.C. - Speaking Schedule
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Dr. Joel Alcantara Headshot

Research: Evidence Informed Practice

Application of current research and its relevance to case management in the family practice. Essentials of the Case Study.

Joel Alcantara, B.Sc., D.C. - Speaking Schedule
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Dr. Anthony Carrino Headshot

Bridging the Gap Between Crisis Care and Optimal Function

Creating the paradigm shift from symptom care to functional health care. Case by case scenarios for the child in the chiropractic practice with objective documentation and management.

Anthony Carrino, D.C., F.I.C.P.A. - Speaking Schedule
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Family Nutrition: Epigenetics and Parental Health and Nutrition for the Perinatal Period

Explore the relationships between epigenetics, nutrition, fertility, and family health. Understand the latest findings in epigenetics, the roles of sugar and pH in health and disease, how optimal nutrition can improve fertility and how poor nutrition can weaken it, and the effects of nutrition during and after pregnancy. Learn how to effectively incorporate this knowledge into your practice.

Marcia Schaefer, DC - Speaking Schedule
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Pediatric Alphabet Soup: ASD, ADHD, LD, PDD, SPD…what they mean & how to care for them

The cutting edge approach to a challenging and rapidly increasing population that combines a special blend of chiropractic, functional neurology, occupational therapy and nutritional counseling.   Taught by an ICPA Pediatric Diplomate (22 year veteran family chiropractor and faculty at Life University since 2001) including lots of hands-on lab time. Bring your dolls because this material can be done in your offices starting on Monday morning.  Special emphasis on instrument adjusting (Activator, Infant Toggle headpiece) combined with low-force techniques that are very effective with special needs kids.

Drew Rubin, DC- Speaking Schedule
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Transforming Practical Experience to Family Practice

This module will focus on what you have learned but are not yet implementing in practice with small group breakout sessions. The focus will be on receiving feedback in the areas you have identified as needing skill improvement. You'll receive vital information from colleagues by demonstrating scenarios and leave wtih a greater certainity in how to handle many diverse pediatric practice cases. This is a pivotal piece-apply and live chiropractic in pediatric practice.

Liz Anderson-Peacock, DC- Speaking Schedule
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Dr. Martin Rosen Headshot

Eval and Adjusting Protocols: Correcting Primary Spinal and Cranial Subluxation Patterns

Examination, assessment and spinal and cranial adjusting for the child using specialized meningeal and structural techniques founded on Sacro Occipital Technique principles.    Demonstrates spinal and  cranial adjusting techniques that can be implemented into your current practice paradigm to expand your effectiveness and  capabilities with your pediatric patients.  Hands on workshop.. (Please bring Tables)

Martin Rosen, B.Sc., D.C.- Speaking Schedule
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Dr. Peter Kevorkian Headshot

Practical Neurology:
Proposed model for VSC and its Clinical Application

All five components of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) are broken down and discussed in great detail. Causes of the VSC, and it's neurological implications on the human body are described in a clear and concise manner, giving the doctor a practical understanding of the material.

John Minardi, D.C. - Speaking Schedule
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Dr. Peter Kevorkian Headshot

Mastery of Chiropractic Principles and Practice

Compilation of case management for the family wellness practice. Review, questions and practical application of diplomate studies in the family practice.

Peter Kevorkian, D.C. - Speaking Schedule
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Practiced Based Research Network project for Certification: Research PBRN I and Research PBRN II

Participation in the ICPA/ PBRN is required for ICPA Certification. Candidates are involved in collecting data from their practices to contribute towards on-going ICPA/ PBRN projects. Candidates are encouraged to begin this project as soon as they start the Certification classes.

Read about the ICPA/ PBRN for Certification credit here.

Read what our doctors are saying:

I am a Chiropractor practicing just outside of Toronto. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the seminars ICPA has offered thus far.  I am a little regretful that they are done.  Not only did they provide me with a wealth of information pertinent to my practice, but the monthly meetings also allowed me to catch up with colleagues I have not seen in some time!   

Thanks for all the great work the ICPA does.  I use something from the seminars in my practice everyday.  I would not be adjusting as many children if it wasn't for this organization.  I am proud to be a part of it!


Dr. Leanne Bruni