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ICPA Contributing Members receive numerous, outstanding benefits. Considering these services and the asset they are to building your cannot afford to turn down a contributing membership opportunity!

Here is the value of contributing membership...
"I mean it, you guys have the most effective operation in ALL of chiropractic.  It's amazing what a few passionate people can do!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Other organization member fees are so much higher and I do not get referrals from other advertising campaigns. But many times I have gotten referrals from the ICPA web site for much less cost and with a message that is right on. Thank you for being human, driven and ON PURPOSE!!"
- Kendra Sharp-Hulbert, DC

Here are our most popular benefits, all included with your annual, active contributing membership.

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ICPA Public Resource Website





Since 1996, the ICPA has provided the profession with the most comprehensive, resource rich web site about family wellness chiropractic. This web site has positioned the ICPA as the leading chiropractic organization for family wellness.

Unparallel Referral Benefits from our Doctor Directory

Since 2004, the ICPA has also successfully sponsored the profession's first and most successful advertising campaign on behalf of chiropractic. These ads have been actively leading parents to our members practices via the ICPA practitioner directory . Membership to the ICPA offers you a free listing on this directory.
With close to a million visits to our directory last year, it pays to be listed!

To read more about our extensive public advertising, click here.

Lead your community to our content rich public education site.

Order our Web Resource Referral Cards here


Outstanding Patient Education Resources via Pathways







Complimentary Pathways print and digital subscription
Valued at @24.95 annually, all ICPA members receive this subscription free.

Community Outreach Program:
ICPA members have the exclusive right to host Pathways Connect Groups in their communities. This turn key program comes complete with bulk orders of the magazine, PR materials to promote the program and thought-provoking discussion questions for each issue's articles. Weekly teleclasses offer tools to successfully run the groups in your practices.

Additional Referral Sources
ICPA members who participate in Pathways Connect also get listed on the Pathways referral directory.

Discounts on Gift Subscriptions
As an ICPA member you can send gifts to patients and friends at a greatly discounted price. For only $14.95, you can continue to provide parents with the information that keeps them connected to the family wellness vision. Call us at 610-565-2360 for the special PROMO code.

Pathways Newsletters

Your membership automatically signs you up for our Pathways e-newsletters which brings you ongoing free events that you and your practice members can participate in! Encourage the parents in your practice to sign up as well...our free teleconference will stimulate their understanding and boost referrals.

Discounts on our world renowned classes


The ICPA initiated the first Pediatric Certification in 1992. In 2002, it debuted its successful Diplomate program. With 150 classes held annually, in numerous locations, by the leading instructors in the field, the ICPA leads the continuing education for the family practitioner.

ICPA contributing members receive significant discounts for individual seminars and payment options for the Certification/ Diplomate programs.

Ongoing Clinical Support

ICPA Clinical Corner

Do you have clinical questions and you need input? Visit the ICPA clinical forum for an encyclopedia's worth of clinical gems and technique tips!

Sorted by the most discussed topics in family care, these clinical pearls will provide years of resources for your practice.

NIH Recognition via our Research Department

When you participate in the ICPA/ Practice Based Research Network (PBRN) you are establishing the evidenced based care in chiropractic for families.

Also, your affiliation with the ICPA/PBRN grants you NIH recognition in research.

The ICPA is leading the profession in clinical, family wellness research. Your participation is free because ICPA contributing membership dollars supports our accomplishments!

Read more about our PBRN here.


Collaborations with more ICPA contributing membership perks

Our continuous collaborations provide you with discounts and even free services!






ChiroFutures is a Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) founded by chiropractors in partnership with Great Divide/Nautilus Insurance Company as the underwriting company and Sonoran National Insurance Group as the program administrator.

ChiroFutures offers ICPA pediatric and pregnancy certified members a credit for malpractice coverage. Contact ChiroFutures for more information. 800-219-9090 or

ICPA Class/certification           Amount of discount off of published State Premium      
D.A.C.C.P.                                   15% credit                          
C.A.C.C.P.                                   10% credit          
Webster Certified                         5% credit

Membership can be verified at the Membership Status Link






The American Pregnancy Association provides their visitors with an intro to chiropractic here. They will offer all ICPA members a listing on their very active referral directory for $10. To receive a listing on APA's directory, please contact APA's Membership Coordinator at 972-550-0140 or







The Holistic Pediatric Alliance offer a significant discount for its membership to ICPA members. Here is their ICPA Affiliate membership page... membership is only $19 annually...and that is a giveaway off the regular $79 licensed practitioner price.

The HPA referral directory is another active directory looking for family practitioners offering wellness care. All HPA members get listed on the website as a membership benefit, too.


Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health




This Journal is by far the most comprehensive family practice journal in the profession. All ICPA members receive an extra 4 months added to their annual subscription when they subscribe. Browse the web site to see the many studies relevant to your care.


Ongoing educational resources for your practice members





Our public web site, is rich with chiropractic research and resources. It is continually updated with research and articles pertinent to the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle... Use is as an ongoing resource for your patients!

Show Your Support

Add the ICPA Supporting Member Badge to your web site, or download it to use in print literature.

Link to the ICPA

As an ICPA member, you can have a direct link from your web site to the ICPA's public web site? This will let your patients quickly access the resources to better understand the power of chiropractic. Access the link coding here.

ICPA Video

Add the ICPA's intro to chiropractic video to your web site. A short, concise and informative video to offer your families our resources.

ICPA Video - In French

This amazing intro video was translated into French for us by one of our great members, Dr. Patrick Fallon. Add it to your web site today!


PEDEX: All ICPA members receive our monthly newsletters with updates, information and resources about chiropractic, relevant to your practice.

Pathways Newsletters: Keep you informed of our sales, events, weekly teleconferences and Pathways Connect opportunities. Forwardable to patients to enhance their resource base as well.

Family Wellness First: fwf As an active member of the ICPA, you will receive two wonderful patient education newsletters each month of the year.

At the beginning of the month, you will receive an e-mail with a link to Family Wellness First which will focus on chiropractic for children, family wellness, and perinatal issues. Every third week, you will receive a link to Family Wellness First: Nutrition, which will have an informative, practical article by Kelly Hayford, C.N.C., award-winning author of If It's Not Food Don't Eat It!

Membership Services

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