Supporting Membership to the ICPA

Join the ICPA -
and expand your family wellness practice today!

Your ICPA contributing membership investment will:

  • Increase your public visibility
  • Position you as wellness leader in your community
  • Place you on our active referral directory
  • Provide clinical support with colleagues
  • Give you discounts on our numerous seminars
  • Expand your educational resources
  • Supply a complimentary subscription to Pathways
  • Offer opportunities for collaboration with other providers
  • Present your office as the Family Wellness Center in your community

ICPA Contributing Membership Benefits

ICPA Contributing Members receive numerous, outstanding benefits. Considering these services and the asset they are to building your cannot afford to turn down a contributing membership opportunity!

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Contributing members of the ICPA have joined together for…

  • Enthusiastically engaging and serving family chiropractors worldwide through education, training, and research
  • Establishing excellence in professional skills
  • Uniting in a global community which cooperatively and passionately participates in advancing chiropractic for both the profession and the public.
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ICPA contributing membership funds support the professions largest research efforts relating to chiropractic, children and pregnancy. Our numerous on-going research projects are establishing the importance of chiropractic care for the family. The ICPA is creating professional unity and defining a higher level of clinical competence to the profession.

With ICPA contributing membership you also contribute to public outreach - the competence and assurance of our members has made significant impacts on parental awareness and demand for chiropractic care for children. Our public advertising campaign is directly referring health conscious parents to our membership directory. Public critical mass is being reached!

The ICPA is a 501c-3 status non-profit organization. It is completely independent of other national, political organizations.

ICPA Chiropractor ContributingMember Requirements:
  • A degree from a chiropractic college.
  • Recognized to practice chiropractic by the state/province/country in which you practice.
  • Current malpractice insurance (if required.)
  • NOTE: Please fax your insurance cover sheet to us at (610) 565-3567 or scan to If your region does not require malpractice insurance, please let us know.
ICPA Student Contributing Member Requirements:
  • Actively attending a chiropractic college.
Questions About Contributing Membership?

Reach us by phone at (610) 565-2360 or email our membership department.

Policy on Contributing Membership Refunds:
  • A refund will be applied to all cancellations for ICPA contributing membership. The service fee will be 10% of the total charge.
  • There is a fee for checks submitted with insufficient funds.


My favorite ICPA membership benefit is:
"People call me from being listed in the directory. Membership pays for itself many times over, every time."
- Gillian Brooke Guin, D.C.

My favorite ICPA membership benefit is:
"The discount with other associations! I also love that I can give my patients a discounted gift subscription! I use my extra issues to market with mothering groups. So excited to get to start the Pathways Connect Gathering Groups. The growth I receive from reading the issues is priceless."
- Bobbi Taylor, D.C.

My favorite ICPA membership benefit is:
"The clinical forum and Pathways."
- Diane Johnson, D.C.

My favorite ICPA membership benefit is:
- Corey Dousharm, D.C.

My favorite ICPA membership benefit is:
"I am listed on your website as a provider and I am happy to say that not one, but two patients called me on Monday and came in as new patients today."
- Laurie A. Somerville, D.C.

My favorite ICPA membership benefit is:
"Great organization. Everyone gives when they do not have to. I would like to become more involved in the organization because I believe that pregnant moms, infants and kids need a great health foundation to start out on. Chiropractic can provide that foundation that can give them the notion that health is inside of them!!!"

- Stuart Weitzman, D.C.