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Barry Taylor, N.D.

Curriculum Vitae

Holistic Practice -Embracing A Vitalistic Model of Healing and Well-being

Course Description

Using a workshop approach, the course examines a truly holistic perspective of how thoughts, feelings, and unexamined presuppositions can contribute to health and well-being. It empowers participants to understand and appreciate the importance of food, air, water, emotions as our primary nutrition. 

The course includes intake, digestion, toxicity, stabilizing blood sugar, weight, healthy brain development, pregnancy, delivery, nursing, and development stages for children. It also offers the valuable experience for practitioner reflection to discover what either blocks or encourages the energy flow toward health and healing. 

It reviews different philosophies of nutritional approaches, food supplements, herbal remedies, and fad diets. Participants will learn basic foundations to strengthen and cleanse the body. 

The goal of the course is to support your own health and healing as well strengthening your role as a facilitator for healing. Expect to leave with an expanded view of holistic practice that will be clinically applicable. 

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Read what our doctors are saying:

Seminar Content:

"This was honestly one of the best seminars I've ever attended. Not only was it informative, but it reminded me why I got started in this profession in the first place. At times as I've gone through the education process over the last three years working towards obtaining my license, it has been difficult to remain passionate. This past weekend with you helped reignite that drive within me. "-Dr. Scott Kirchner

"The incredible amount of information. The clarity of communication of the subject."

"Transformational! Inspirational! Empowering! & Above All Compassionate!"

"Dr. Barry Taylor was able to expand everyone's level of consciousness. He was able to really connect the mind/body/spirit as it relates to nutrition & food." - Dr's. L. & C. Cherubini Denver, CO

" This was the seminar that was the missing component thus far."

How class will benefit practice:

"Dr. Taylor's ways regarding communication to patients, with parents to children, to others in general. This is huge for me as a chiropractic provider."

" This was in the top 3 of all presentations for content & communication was excellent. Information will be easy to use in practice. Dr. Taylor's presentation style & teaching style was incredibly well thought out & executed. Dr. Taylor's consciousness while speaking & answering questions was unparalleled." -L. Jacobs Boston, MA

Knowledge of Speaker:

"Dr. Taylor is very knowledgeable, open, appreciative, and lovely to listen to."

"I absolutely loved this seminar. His connection with self/spirit and nutrition from a much broader scope is refreshing and a much needed message. Thank you, thank you for bringing him on board to the program."