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Martin Rosen, D.C.

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Sometimes this class is taught by Dr. Curtis Langer. You can view their CVs here:

Curtis Langer, DC Curriculum Vitae

Nancy Watson, DC Curriculum Vitae


SOT Pediatric Cranial Adjusting

Examination, assessment and  cranial adjusting for the child using SOT protocols.  Demonstrates SOT cranial adjusting techniques that can be implemented into your current practice paradigm to expand your effectiveness and capabilities with your pediatric patients.  Hands on workshop.

Note: Bring Tables
This module also serves as module two for SOT Certification in Pediatrics.

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Read what our doctors are saying:

"Wonderful in MN last week Dr. Marty! My practice is booming and you have opened my heart and mind into an expansive realm of caring for my patients at a higher level! Very grateful to be your student! Also thank Dr. Nancy for taking her time to be ultra specific in her hands on instruction with me! Life changing experience!"

- Dr Andy Kiefert

Greenbay, WI

"A lot of useful stuff! Different techniques are great to learn because not every patient needs the same adjustment."

-Dr. Kristen Walkerwicz

Nashville, TN

"Excellent use of time-usable information & great technique.  I also like more tools for tough cases.

   It is good to get reignited and inspired after 28 years of practice.  Everything is usable in the office.

 Great notes and pictures of techniques."


-Dr. Patricia Kloor

Westminster, CO