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Neuroimmunology: Patterns of Interference

Course Description

Review of normal and abnormal immunology. Current immunological research pertaining to the child and pregnant mother. Literature review: immunology concepts and controversies.

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October 21-22, 2017PortlandNeuroimmunology: Patterns of Interference
January 6-7, 2018DenverNeuroimmunology: Patterns of Interference
January 13-14, 2018San FranciscoNeuroimmunology: Patterns of Interference
February 24-25, 2018PhoenixNeuroimmunology: Patterns of Interference
April 14-15, 2018MinneapolisNeuroimmunology: Patterns of Interference
May 5-6, 2018DC MetroNeuroimmunology: Patterns of Interference
May 19-20, 2018ColumbusNeuroimmunology: Patterns of Interference

Read what our doctors are saying:

Seminar Content:  

"By far the best seminar so far!  Great information, explained clearly and great review!"

“Appropriate and enlightening.”  

“Very in depth.”


“Very important for us as DC’s to understand.”  

“Lots of cutting edge info.”  

“Amazing! Awesome!”  


“Best yet.” 

“Totally awesome info!”   

“Deep – but very good.”

“Great, highly relevant and applicable.” 

“Made subject matter easy to understand.” 

“Fantastic! So much good info that I never knew.”

“Excellent. Good information for all DC’s and all parents to know.”

“Everyone should have this information.”  

“Great information presented in “applicable to everyday life as a Chiropractor” manner.” 

“Excellent – I feel like I now understand how the immune system responds to infection.” 

“This seminar is great! Teacher concentrates on thought process so that we can utilize info.” 

“Greatly enjoyed and appreciated the detailed scientific yet applicable information.”

How class will benefit practice: 

“Gives you tools to spread the word better.”

“Helps me to understand the entire process of immunity and vaccination so I can better explain to my family practice members.” 

“Great for explaining immune functions and vaccination debate.”

“More confidence in what I am doing.”

“Great, useful info that will help me help people.”  

“Better understanding of disease and immune system.”  

“Its more of a help for me explaining how adjustments help immunity.”  

“Increased knowledge on controversial topics from a source that presented both sides.”  

“Increased confidence in recent knowledge base to present to patients.”  

“Ability to educate patients and parents better.” 

“I’m better able to communicate on these topics, which are key to the vitalistic healthcare model.” 


Knowledge of Speaker:   “Excellent. Best biological lecture I have had since a cellular neurobiology course I took in undergrad.” 







“Off the charts. Top three of any speaker I have had in 11 years.”

“Vast! Very knowledgeable.”  

“Very good!”  

“Top notch!” 




“Off the chart.”  

“Spot on.” 

“Wow! Easy to understand, yet very knowledgeable.” 

“Great information and very well presented.”  

“10 out of 10 – excellent.” 

“Dr. Marini was on top of all the material which he presented.”

How class materials apply to practical application:

“Most parents only get one side of the story from theirs MD’s – they don’t even know they have a choice or other options. Our job is to teach people to make good health choices and especially to think!”   

“I can use all of it! Easy to understand and explain.”

“Lots of detailed, in depth info that was explained very well at all previous educational levels.” 

“Easy examples with easy ways of explaining neuroimmunology to patients in order to help them make informed decisions about vaccinations.”

Most Value:  

“Overall better understanding of immune system and what helps or hinders patients healing abilities.” 

"Knowledge on immune system.” 

“Examples and ways to explain things.”   

“All of it – could not get enough – took the most notes ever at an ICPA seminar.”  

“Physiology of immune system.”