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Pathways Hits Newsstands

We are thrilled to announce that Pathways magazine is the first chiropractic sponsored public magazine to hit the newsstands! Additionally our distribution is leaping to 40,000 and we expect these numbers to grow rapidly. What an impact for chiropractic and the promotion of the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle!

We are contracted for our next issue, #21, to be in select Borders, Barnes & Nobles and Books a Million. When it gets closer to the date we will let you know which stores will be carrying Pathways.

Pathways Issue #21:

Issue #21 is our 5th Anniversary Issue and our theme for the issue focuses on Autism. It is our largest issue to date and filled with outstanding articles, resources and healing approaches. Sneak peak letter from the editor in Issue #21 here:

Our readers tell us they collect all issues of Pathways, and this one is truly a keeper! With that in mind please act now to insure your supply! The easiest way for you to get this special anniversary edition to your community is to order bulk copies. You can place a bulk order here: (Please note: You can order in bulk for one issue or arrange for a subscription of bulk copies to be delivered to you).
Read why bulk orders are so beneficial for your practice:

Although depending on availability, you may be able to order bulk copies after this issue comes out, it is advisable that you place the order in advance to insure its availability. Orders prior to March 1st are guaranteed availability. Place your bulk order here:

Mother's Day Gift:

Because of the timing of this issue, consider giving it as a gift for Mother's Day! For a mere $24.95, you are offering a mother a year of wisdom, resources and articles that sure beat flowers or another material gift. Individual subscriptions are available online here:

For those of you really supportive of the cause, you can download Pathways subscription cards, print them for your office and suggest to your patients they too give a meaningful gift this Mother's Day:

Photos and Articles:

We are always looking for good, high resolution photos and well written articles particularly those relating to chiropractic. If you are taking photos in your office or have done so, and would like to submit them, please contact us at: and we will send out the photo release form. Likewise, if you have articles or testimonials for Pathways, you can submit them to the e-mail address listed in our writers guidelines page here:

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New Chiropractic Family Research Journal

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new research journal: The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Wellness. We are excited to finally have a journal that will offer a wide range of papers reflective of the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle!

All ICPA members will receive a discount in the form of an extended subscription. Usual subscriptions go for 12 months, ICPA members receive a 16 month subscription for the price of one year! If you are looking for the latest research to give to your patients relative to the type of practice you have -- this is the journal.

Visit the new journal here:

Your ICPA membership will be confirmed by the Journal and your automatic extension will be applied.

Check your ICPA membership here:

Join or renew your ICPA membership here:

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ICPA Supporters and their Benefits for You!

We appreciate the support of other groups and companies in chiropractic who recognize the importance of our mission and therefore extend benefits to our members. Here some of our supporters:

The Dead Chiropractic Society's California Jam:

This weekend in March will be one of the greatest celebrations in chiropractic! All ICPA members will receive a $99 discount off registration. Check this is going to rock big time!

To read more about the March California Jam visit:

Access the special ICPA registration form:

New Pediatric Adjusting Tables:

You asked and here they are! New pediatric tables for your practice with a significant donation coming back for ICPA research. Visit our product page for details:

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Professional Collaborations and Advanced Electives

On behalf of our members, the ICPA participates in numerous chiropractic events around the world. Visit this page, view our current schedule of events and register to be with us:

Also, the ICPA has added additional classes to its Diplomate Advanced Electives. Please note: these classes are not just for Diplomate Candidates, but for all of our members to continue their further education on pediatric and perinatal care. Visit this link to view the classes:

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News to Use:

Autism and Vaccinations are hitting the press big time!

January 16th: The Inter-Agency Autism Coordinating Committee Meeting Rescinds Vaccine Research Initiative from the Strategic Plan of Combating Autism:

February 12th: US Federal Court Rules Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism:

Informed Choice:

Several months ago, we discussed a waiver the American Academy of Pediatrics was advising pediatricians to have parents sign if they refused vaccines. Now there is a form for parents to request their pediatricians sign. Age of Autism has made this form available for you to download. You can access it here:

The MMR Vaccine is Not Holy Water:

An interesting article from Sherry Tenpenny about MMR vaccines and autism:

More Money for Vaccine Promotion:

It appears that the new economic stimulus package includes some big government spending on vaccines. Read the entire story here:

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Many, many blessings,
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ICPA, Executive Coordinator

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