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The ICPA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance chiropractic by establishing evidence informed practice, supporting excellence in professional skills and delivering educational resources to the public. It fulfills this mission by engaging and serving family chiropractors worldwide through research, training and public education.



The ICPA continues to spearhead research in the field of chiropractic family wellness. We have new PBRN's for you to participate in!

The ICPA Practiced Based Research Network (PBRN) is the largest, most successful PBRN in the profession.

Read about our PBRN here. 

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The ICPA classes are taught from the vitalistic perspective, with great emphasis placed on clinical, hands on application. Check out our 2014-2016 locations here.

This fall, we started in: Toronto, Boston, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia.

At the start of 2015, we are initiating classes in these locations: Ohio, Houston, Portland, Denver, London.

Remember, license renewal is applied for at all locations and doctors are invited to attend any individual class for CE credit. Search here by date or here by location for classes in your area.

View our entire curriculum and meet our instructors here


Public Education:
Pathways is more than a magazine, its a movement! Pathways is expanding awareness of The chiropractic family wellness lifestyle internationally.

When you participate in our free, successful Pathways Connect, (PC) community outreach program, your practice is positioned as the expert for family wellness and listed on the Pathways site here.

Contributing Membership: Our contributing membership benefits are unprecedented! You cannot afford to miss out on these practice opportunities. View all benefits here.

Share the wealth ...invite your colleagues to join us ...together we can change the course of chiropractic.

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We are so grateful for our contributing members and affiliates who find creative ways to donate to the ICPA. Thank you for your continual support to the ICPA mission! Please view our honored donors of 2012-2015.

Make an investment in the ICPA here. All donations support our extensive Research and Public Education endeavors.

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ICPA 2015-16

Seminar Calendar

Ann Arbor, MI

Atlanta, GA

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Columbus, OH

Dallas, TX

Daytona, FL

Denver, CO

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Houston, TX

London, England

Los Angeles, CA

Minneapolis, MN

Nova Scotia

Overland Park, KS

Philadelphia, PA

Portland, OR

Puerto Rico

San Diego, CA

San Francisco, CA

Spartanburg, SC

St. Louis, MO

Syracuse, NY

Toronto, ON

Vancouver, BC

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November Seminars

November 28-29, 2015

Liz Anderson-Peacock, DC
Transforming Practical Experience to Family Practice

December Seminars

December 5-6, 2015

John Minardi, DC
Neurology of the VSC & Thompson Technique 2

December 5-6, 2015

Drew Rubin, DC
Pediatric Alphabet Soup: ASD, ADHD, LD, PDD, SP...what they mean and how to care for them

December 5-6, 2015

James Thompson, DC
Techniques: Thompson and Logan

December 5-6, 2015

Michael Hall, DC
Developmental Neurobiology

December 5-6, 2015
San Diego

Peter Kevorkian, DC
Mastery of Chiropractic Principles and Practice

December 5-6, 2015

Research PBRN I
Clinically Based Research Requirement

December 12-13, 2015

Ron Castellucci, DC
Full-spine Segmental Evaluation and Adjusting

December 12-13, 2015
St Louis

Armand Rossi, DC
The Essentials Of Chiropractic Care For Children

December 12-13, 2015

Joel Alcantara, DC
Research: Evidence Informed Practice

December 12-13, 2015

Drew Rubin, DC
Pediatric Alphabet Soup: ASD, ADHD, LD, PDD, SP...what they mean and how to care for them

December 12-13, 2015

Anthony Carrino,DC
Bridging The Gap Between Crisis Care and Optimal Function

December 12-13, 2015

Martin Rosen, DC
Eval & Adjusting Protocols: Correcting Primary Spinal and Cranial Subluxation Patterns