Exclusive ICPA Member Community Outreach Resources


This page includes materials for you to use to position yourself as the Chiropractic Family Resource Center in your community!

1- Four Patient Newsletters per month for you to provide to your practice members.
One is on chiropractic for adults, one is on an aspect of healthy living and one on chiropractic for kids to read (and color!). Starting fall 2017 we are adding a Research Review newsletter so you patients can see the many projects and papers you are supporting through your ICPA membership!

Some of our members print these and hand them out, others are sharing on FB and yet others are uploading to their web as a pdf or a blog. (If you are using as a blog, original author info and bio must remain intact with live links to them, Pathways and ICPA) Whatever your choice...use these to help your practice members and community to understand the importance of chiropractic care and healthy living for their families.


We have all issues archived here for your on-going use....for example: if you are going to speak to a breeastfeeding group, find the article that is relevant, and bring adequate copies.


Also, be sure to stock up on colored pencils for your reception area, the adults love coloring as well :)


Visit this page for our current newsletter and our archives.


2- Pertinent Press Releases for your ICPA accomplishments.

We recognize that the accomplishments you have achieved through the ICPA are something your community should know about! Therefore, we are providing you with a monthly Press Release for you to customize and submit to your local papers, add it to your practice e-newsletter, put it on your FB page, hand it out in your practice. In the course of a few more months you will have press releases announcing your ICPA Membership, Webster Certification, PBRN Participation, CACCP or DACCP status. We are thankful for your continued dedication to our mission and your community will be as well!


Visit this page for our current Press Release and archives.


3- Model and Photographer Releases for Photos. Whether it is used in social media, in newsletters, on the web or for Pathwyas, it is imperative that there are sufficient releases provided to both the models, the parents and the photographer before they are shared. Many of you are submitting photos for us to use on-line and in Pathways. We so appreciate the submissions, however, if there we do not have the correct releases, we are unable to utilize them. We are providing these release forms in PDF that can be printed, filled out and then sent to us and we have also provided links to submit permission on-line.


Additionally, for those for you who are taking photos in your practice and then sharing on FB...make sure you have perms for the photos as well. Fell free to customize our releases to suit your practices.


PDF Photo Releases:

Model Release
Photographer Release


On-line Releases:



4-*New* An ICPA Member Web Badge. We are providing you a badge for your website and e-newsletters. You have already received the decal for your office window, now we have digitized it for your digital media. Download your digital badge here: http://icpa4kids.com/membership/icpa_badges.htm



ICPA Member Decal