Dr. Larry Webster


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Dr. Larry Webster was a visionary, an inventor, a technique developer and a teacher when it came to chiropractic and children. He fostered an unmatched understanding of the necessity of chiropractic care for children and his natural love and ability to connect with them was felt by anyone who watched him adjust a child.

All of us who knew Dr. Larry, knew of his passion for teaching. He enjoyed bringing the skills and techniques he developed to other Doctors of Chiropractic so they would be better able to care for children themselves. His individual seminars expanded to a complete Pediatric Certification Program, the first of its kind in the chiropractic profession. Now the ICPA has launched a 400 hour Diplomate Program keeping the same hands on, practical skills Dr. Larry valued in his teaching.

In the last years of his life, Dr. Webster became involved in supporting ongoing chiropractic research for children. Today, his goals have become a reality as the ICPA supports the first full-time research foundation of its kind.

To our founder we owe the beginnings of our organization and to our founder we owe the vision and passion in seeing chiropractic care become a reality for all children. With much appreciation, the ICPA continues the legacy of Dr. Larry Webster and we invite your participation in fulfilling our dream...

"Chiropractic Today, for a Better World Tomorrow"

Dr. Larry Webster had a Vision.
From that Vision, he began a Mission.

That Mission is the ICPA.

The journey continues... Take the ride!