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Developmental Neurobiology (LIVE Virtual)

(12 Hours) From infancy throughout childhood, understanding and evaluating the pediatric nervous system is both challenging and rewarding. This live virtual online module will focus on the important physiological intersections that impact spinal health, quality of life, and the attainment of milestones.

Attendees will be exposed to current and contemporary neurological principles addressing the sensory, motor and cognitive systems as well as tone of the autonomic nervous system. Techniques of examination and assessment will be demonstrated throughout the module. 

Course Goal

This course will provide attendees with a functional and working understanding of the developing nervous system in order to better apply, interpret and organize their clinical procedures and applications to the patients seen in daily practice.

What to Bring: Please bring paper and pens (you will be drawing diagrams as a learning aid.) Please read notes prior to seminar.

This course is also currently being offered as a pre-recorded online course.

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