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Practice Based Research Network:
Project One

As part of the ICPA Certification requirement, doctors are required to participate in two ICPA/ PBRN projects.

This module requires no travel but allows chiropractors to conduct clinical and observational research in the course of patient care to improve their health care delivery and patient outcomes.

Steps To Participate:

1. Completion of the National Institute of Health Human Research Tutorial:http://icpa4kids.com/research/hipaa.html

Upon completion of the NIH tutorial; please e-mail the Research Department your NIH certificate completion code to: pbrn@icpa4kids.com.

2. Participant In The Study The ICPA Office Is Running:

Contact ICPA Main Office For Details: 610-565-2360

    3. Payment Information:

    Pay in Full Registrants: For those doctors and students on our pay-in-full option for classes, both Research PBRN class fees are included.

    Auto-Payment Registrants: For those doctors and students on our auto-pay schedule, as usual, you will be charged for this class the Monday prior to your location's scheduled dates.

    Doctors: Pay As You Go: For those doctors in pay-as-you go, you may do so here: https://secure.icpa4kids.com/pbrn_certification_application.htm

    Students: For those students on pay-as-you-go, these requirements can only be paid for and completed when you are in practice.

    4. Eligibility to Start:

  • As a DC, as soon as you are enrolled in the ICPA 200-Hour Certification, you are eligible to register for the Practiced Based Research Module. We encourage you to sign up immediately so that you can participate in our current project, fulfill your requirements necessary for certification and also assist us with this much needed data.

5. Patient Quota:

Coming Soon



For you, this offers several advantages:

  • It saves you the time and cost of travel offering you credit by doing what you love doing most--caring for children and pregnant women in your own office!
  • It establishes your clinical competency with the Diplomate Council
  • It allows you to personally participate in fulfilling the ICPA mission for Research and establishing evidenced based research for practice
  • It involves you in the future direction of chiropractic
  • It offers our Research Department access to large quantities of data for publication.
  • It advances the credibility and efficacy of chiropractic care for children and pregnant women.
  • It fulfills the ICPA mission and purpose: serving the profession for the advancement of chiropractic care for family wellness.

All current DCs can participate immediately; students will participate once they are in practice.


A Practice Based Research Network is your opportunity to contribute clinical data that the ICPA Research Department compiles and prepares for publication. Research in this format insures that guidelines and practice parameters are consistent with the actual care we offer in our practices.


As a DC, as soon as you are enrolled in the ICPA 200-Hour Certification, you are eligible to meet these requirements. We encourage you to sign up immediately so that you can participate in our current project, fulfill your requirements necessary for certification and also assist us with this much needed data.


The PBRN is in the comfort of your own office, in your time schedule. You simply need to register as explained next and you will receive all of the necessary instructions and forms to initiate the project.


As a participant in the certification program, you selected one of three options for payment. Depending on how you chose to pay for the certification classes will determine which box you check on the registration form.

DC PBRN Registration:

  • Pay in Full: you may begin the PBRN at any time and the PBRN module is your complimentary module.
  • Auto Pay: if you have signed up for the certification Auto- Pay option, you may begin the PBRN at any time.

Student PBRN Registration:

  • You may only participate in the PBRN and fulfill the requirements for these final two modules until you have earned your chiropractic degree, have malpractice according to your region/ state and are in practice. You may participate in the PBRN while taking your final exam for certification.


The importance of gathering clinically, practiced based data relevant to family wellness is imperative in our profession. With the data to substantiate our care, we can:

  1. Provide parents with the research for assurance they frequently ask for
  2. Public ally advertise with the supporting research
  3. Establish practiced base guidelines that support the care you love to provide
  4. We can approach third party payers with the data they are demanding
  5. We can reach critical mass with chiropractic family care and expand our care to its rightful, mainstream place.


  • You are required to participate in at least ONE of our PBRN projects for certification credit. Throughout a year's time, we will be running several projects.
  • The patient quota for the PBRN study project is chosen at the launch of the ICPA PBRN project. Please call the ICPA more details #610-565-2360. We highly encourage you to go beyond your classroom requirements and invite as many of you current patients into the PBRN.
  • You do not have to have completed your PBRN to take the final exam for certification; however PBRN must be paid for prior to you taking the exam. The Academy/ ICPA Certification will be awarded upon your completion of all classes, your achieving successful exam results and receipt of your PBRN requirements in the ICPA office.

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