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Practice Based Research Network:

As part of the ICPA Certification requirement, doctors are required to participate in two ICPA/ PBRN projects.

These modules requires no travel but allow chiropractors to conduct clinical and observational research in the course of patient care to improve their health care delivery and patient outcomes.

These Research projects are open to doctors of chiropractic only.


Steps To Participate:

1. Register for the PBRN with the ICPA.

Doctors: Registration for the PBRNs is at this link.
Registration is required for all doctors who did NOT participate in an ICPA/ Certification Payment plan.

Students: For those students on pay-as-you-go, these requirements can only be paid for and completed when you are in practice.

(For doctors who are participating in the ICPA/ pay-in-full plan, you are already registered and paid for. For doctors participatin in the ICPA/ auto-pay plan, you will be registered and charged according to your location dates.)


2. Verification with NIH

Completion of the National Institute of Health Human Research Tutorial is necessary for participation. Please visit this page to read about this requirement and register with the NIH.

Upon completion of the NIH tutorial; please e-mail the Research Department your NIH certificate completion code.

3. Dissemination of Materials:

Once the ICPA has verifiied your module registration and NIH completion, you will be sent the information and directions on the PBRN project.


    Eligibility to Start:

    As a DC, as soon as you are enrolled in the ICPA-200 Hour Certification, you are eligible to register for the Practiced Based Research Module. We encourage you to sign up immediately so that you can participate in our current project, fulfill your requirements necessary for certification and also assist us with this much needed data.

Read more about the ICPA PBRN Projects here

Read more about the ICPA PBRN requirement here