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Monika Buerger, D.C.

Curriculum Vitae

Neurofunctional Development

Course Description

This course focuses on the early years of life and promotion of proper neurodevelopment for optimum human expression and function.   It takes into consideration the current paradigm and research as to what factors contribute to neurodisruption and the possible neurodevelopmental patterns and consequences that may present.  The significant role of autonomic regulation and the chiropractic connection in proper development of the neuroimmune, neurogastric, metabolic and sensory-motor systems will be addressed.  Attendees will learn tools to master and manage the prevention, early detection and early intervention of neurodevelopmental conditions utilizing chiropractic wellness protocols. 

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Read what our doctors are saying:

Seminar Content: 

“It is one of my top favorite modules so far!! Great information that needs to be shared!!”  
“Spot on.”
“Excellent. A lot of useful exercises to integrate into practice immediately.”  “Great info on how to care for kids with SI problems.”  “Great! Very informative.”  “Fantastic – I’m amazed we didn’t learn some of this in DC school.”  “Awesome info!”  “Very in depth.”
“Great, very good hands on material!”

How will class benefit practice:   

 “Great hope to help so many people.” 
“Better understanding of what ADHD [and] Autistic kids go through.”  “Numerous children have ADD/ ADHD in our area and this will be huge with them.”  “Demonstrated easy ways to check kids for reflexes.”   “We look forward to implementing this!”  
“I want to implement this program in my practice yesterday.”

Knowledge of Speaker:   “Phenomenal, very impressive.”
“Very good.”   “Tremendous.”
“Very thorough.” 
“Very knowledgeable.”
“Incredible! I look forward to going further and learning more from her.”

How class materials apply to practical application:   

“Will be able to use the exercises with kids in my practice.”
"I’ll be able to use on Monday.” 
“It will serve me both personally and professionally.”  
“ADD/ ADHD/ Autistic families will soon be flocking to our office to get actual help for their problems.”  
“I know what to look for, how to test, and treat.”
“This is fabulous information. I am anxious to start implementing these procedures with the Neural Organization Technique. This will be great to know how to coordinate with home programs.”


Most Value: 

“The passion of the instructor.”   “Practice time.”   “Hands-on participatory exercises.”