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Classes open to all: All of our certification classes may be taken as independent, free standing seminars. CE credits are applied for in the regional states and provinces of each location.

Register Today! Early Registration ends the Thursday before the seminar weekend at 12 Noon Eastern Time. Late registrants will be charge an additional $25.

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For Dallas and Minneapolis Locations Only Register Here:

Dallas: Parker University
Minneapolis:  Northwestern Health Sciences University


  • Pediatric Program Contract: If you plan to accrue credits towards Certification/ Diplomate status you are acknowledging having read and agreed to this contract upon registration. View the Module Terms & Certification/Diplomate Contract

  • ICPA Contributing Member Refresher fees are available for current ICPA members. Refresher means re-taking a class that you have already taken previously. Please note refresher fee does not apply to a new course in the ICPA curriculum.

  • Enroll in an ICPA class: All of our certification classes may be taken as independent, free standing seminars.
    View the ICPA Certification Seminar Curriculum and Instructors.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about ICPA Seminars. Please view here more information about the ICPA Seminar Program including the 360 Hour Diplomate Program, Webster Certification and Basic Seminar Questions: Frequently Asked Questions View Here.
  • Towards Certification/ Diplomate status: All ICPA chiropractic seminars accrue credit towards the ICPA Certification and Diplomate programs.
  • ICPA Continuing Education Credit: All of our locations offer chiropractic continuing education (CE) credits in the states surrounding the primary location: ICPA Continuing Education Credits.

Additional Explanations of the Contributing Members Discount Options:

  • Lunch Break: All seminars have a lunch break on Saturday usually from 1 PM to 2 PM.
  • Grandfathering: If you are grandfathering from previous certifications or with individual classes; please visit this link. If you have questions, you may call us at 610-565-2360.

  • Webster Technique Proficiency Certification is offered in our Perinatal Class. Webster Certification is an ICPA membership benefit. There is an additional admin fee for the testing.
  • Chiropractic Assistant: Please visit here for a list of seminars open for Chiropractic Assistants (CA). Guest prices here.

  • Practitioners: A number of ICPA classes are open to other health practitioners, please view here for a list of seminars open for Practitioners. Guest prices here. HPA members receive the ICPA discount.

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About the ICPA Academic and College Co-sponsorship:

The ICPA offers advanced quality chiropractic seminars committed to providing the doctor of chiropractic with the most up to date information and skills pertaining to the care of children and pregnant mothers. Our classes are renowned for their hands on, practical, clinical content. Join us and acquire the skills to better care for the families in your community.

The ICPA Certification/Diplomate program is endorsed and certified by the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice. Visit the Academy Board and the current Diplomates here: www.chiropracticfamilypractice.org

"The knowledge and skills taught by the top in the field through this seminar series is imperative for any Chiropractor who wishes to provide care for pregnant and/or pediatric patients.  To provide care with this knowledge and skill is a huge service to these patients"

-Monica Mills,, CACCP-2011

"A big thank you to the ICPA on their excellent pediatric
program. I have had and taken many other different certification programs and by far the ICPA is the best one"

-Abdallah Maalouf, CACCP-2011

"I just wanted to share with you what a benefit the ICPA certification program has been for me. Just yesterday, I gave a presentation (by invitation) to the largest medical Pediatric group and it went great! I used much of my ICPA literature and research. They are very open to referring their patients to me and are even referring my services to other pediatricians in town. I am starting to see a lot of pregnant moms and children. I'm so excited to build a family practice."
- Lynn Peterson, DC

Co-sponsor of the ICPA Certification Program