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ICPA Responds to Nightline

On March 3, 2009, ABC aired a piece on chiropractic care and children, “Crack! Kids Head to the Chiropractor”. Reporter David White interviewed an ICPA member, Dr. Beth Forgosh and several parents of her patients. He also interviewed Lonnie Zeltzer, MD for her expert opinion on non-allopathic therapies.

Despite the biased reporting against chiropractic by David White on ABC News entitled, “Crack! Kids Head to the Chiropractor”, Dr. Beth Forgosh, DC and her patients are to be commended for their honest representation on the benefits and safety of pediatric chiropractic. Despite David White’s claim of open mindedness on the part of Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer, MD towards non-allopathic therapies, her comments regarding the safety and effectiveness of pediatric chiropractic are uninformed and demonstrates her ignorance on the topic.

Read Dr. Alcantara's entire response here.

View the Nightline program here:

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Some exciting news on the research front...

  • New Family Wellness Research Journal

    In case you have not already heard, there is a new research journal: Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health. it's purpose is to publish chiropractic papers relevant to pediatrics, pregancy and familywellness. With Dr. Matt McCoy as its editor, expect a successful and throrough journal supportive of the care you want to offer in your practices.

    In response to a recent CAM report published by the AAP's journal Pediatrics, Dr Matt McCoy submitted a letter to the editor of Pediatrics correcting several erroneous claims in their paper.Read Dr. McCoys most recent Research Update and access the letter to the editor and the CAM paper.

    Be sure to subscribe to the Journal of Pedaitric Maternal and Family Wellness--thisjournal is your opportunity to support themuch needed research in the realm of family care. All ICPA members receive an automatic discount when subscribing. You will be offered 16 months of subscription for the 12 month price

    Visit this link to subscribe:
    Check your ICPA membership status here:
  • ICPA Offering Two New PBRN's:

    Coming soon-- the ICPA Children's Safety PBRN- a prospective study and ICPA Children's Safety PBRN-Australia. Be sure to keep your e-mail addresses current for your opportunity to participate in these and all upcoming research projects.
  • ICPA Presents at Annual ACC/ RAC Conference

The ICPA had a strong presence at this years ACC/ RAC conference.

Dr. Joel Alcantara, ICPA Research Director had the following platform presentations:

  • The chiropractic care of children with enuresis: a systematic review of the literature utilizing Whole Systems Research evaluation
    Joel Alcantara, Joel Alcantara, Joey Alcantara, Junjoe Alcantara
  • The chiropractic care of children with otitis media: a systematic review of the literature utilizing Whole Systems Research evaluation and meta-synthesis
    Joel Alcantara, Joey Alcantara, Junjoe Alcantara
Dr Linda Mullin, ICPA Diplomate instructor had the following platform presentation:
  • Midwifery Views on Chiropractic; A Survey of North American Midwives
    Linda Mullin, Lydia Dever, Derek Barton

And the following poster presentation by Dr Alcantara and Dr Drew Rubin, ICPA Diplomate :

  • The chiropractic care of pregnant patients: a practice-based observational study.
    Joel Alcantara, Linda Mullin, Jeanne Ohm, Derek Kunz
  • The Effectiveness of the Activator Adjusting Instrument on In-Utero Constraint
    Drew Rubin

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The ICPA in Australia

This was the ICPA's 4th year in AU and every year we enjoy our collaborations more. EAch year we have participated in Dynamic Growth (DG), a conference which raises money for the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. DG draws hundereds of chiropractors from around Australia to share the principles and practices of chiropractic. This year, Dr Claudia Anrig shared her expertise with adjusting and case management for children. We are looking forward to returning next year, and we encourage our US and Canadian doctors to come join us for an outstanding weekend with chiropractors for chiropractic. Vist ASRF here:

This year, in co-sponsorship with Chiropractors Association Australia- New South Wales, the ICPA initiated the diplomate program in AU. The first module with Dr Jeanne Ohm offered in Canberra and Melbourne drew close to 200 attendees.Almost every docotor became Webster certified. The rest of the classes will be offered in Sydney and can be accessed via NSW site: or the ICPA site: Remember, any class can be taken independently or as part of the entire Certification/ Diplomate series.

New Locations:

Many new locations are starting this spring here in the States and in Canada. Remeber--you can take individual classes for license renewal or the entire series towards Certification/ Diplomate status.
View all locations here:

New Advanced Elective:

Our newset Advanced Elective is a one-time conference titled "Hope for Autism". This conference will offer DCs the practical, bionutritional training to better care for children on the spectrum. DC/ CE credits have been applied for in all states.

The conference is being held on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, May 15 - 17, 2009 in Charleston, SC.
Visit their website for additional information:

Visit all of our advanced electives here:

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Pathways to Family Wellness:

Pathways Issue #21 is now available for sale. For those of you who currently subscribe, you should receive it any day. Its theme is Autism: Causes-Treatments-Prevention. You will notice we have expanded to 64 pages filled with valuable resources and ground breaking articles. This issue is a keeper and you will want extra copies on hand. To order bulk copies while they last visit the Pathways site here.

Our advertising in magazines has expanded from the US to now incluce canada and Australia. What this means is that we have ads in family magazines in all three countires leading paretns to our website to find you on our membership directory. View some of our ads here:

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News to Use

Efficacy of Pneumococcal Vaccine Questionable: Meta-Analysis

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Jan 05 - Results of a meta-analysis call into question the ability of pneumococcal vaccination to prevent pneumonia in adults, even in populations for whom the vaccine is currently recommended, researchers from Switzerland and the UK conclude in a report released today. Read more:

Wakefiled responds to UK Reporter

Perhaps you have been following the attempted assault of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the UK scientist who first discoved a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. He has now been accused of altering data in his study and he has filed a formal complaint against the reporter.

Read the article here:

And his formal compliaint here:

The vaccine case you weren't suppossed to hear about

One year ago, Vaccine Court ruled that vaccines caused Hannah Poling’s autism.  One case.  One little girl.  A lot of inconvenient press and questions.

Two weeks ago, Vaccine Court ruled that vaccines did not cause autism in three highly followed “test cases” involving the MMR vaccine.  Three children.  Sweeping conclusions drawn by the Vaccine Establishment that the debate is now over.

Today, we learn of a little boy who, in 2007, was awarded a lump sum and ongoing care valued in excess of $1 million because Vaccine Court ruled that the MMR vaccine had caused acute brain damage that led to his autism.  Read about it here:   and view today’s USA Today ad here:

Obama nominates two for FDA

Speculation says the FDA may split Food and Drug into two organizations. Hopefully this will improve services and reduce former self interest performances. Read a current NY Times article here:

Finally: Harvard expresses concern anbout drug influence on campus

A fascinating article in the New York Times last week told the story of Matt Zerden, a student at Harvard Medical School who was troubled when he heard his pharmacology professor repeatedly promote the benefits of cholesterol drugs and seemed to belittle a student who asked about side effects.

Mr. Zerden later discovered that the professor, a full-time member of the Harvard Medical faculty, was also a paid consultant to ten different drug companies, including five makers of cholesterol treatments. “I felt really violated,” Zerden says. “Here we have 160 open minds trying to learn the basics in a protected space, and the information he was giving wasn’t as pure as I think it should be.”...

Read entire article here:

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