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Welcome to: PedEx --the special e-news from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Our purpose is to connect you with the Research and Resources to better serve the families in your communities.


"People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered.Love them anyway .If you do good, people may accuse you of selfish motives.Do good anyway. If you are successful, you may win false friends and true enemies.Succeed anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway. People who really want help may attack you if you help them. Help them anyway. Give the world the best you have and you may get hurt. Give the world your best anyway. "
Mother Teresa


Formula Companies Threatened by Breatfeeding Awareness Campaign.

Indian Hermit defies physiological need for food and water. Doctors baffled.

Stress in Pregnancy affects baby's long term health.{5FE84E90-BC77-4056-A91C-9531713CA348

The Cutting Edge: Elective C-Section

Cocca Cola and Dentists: Is this the Real Thing?

Hot tubs and miscarriages linked in early pregnancy.

Major drug company named in law suit- no comment available.

Drug companies pushing more vacccines for children under two

Similar symptoms of infants who have died of SIDS:

New neonatal screening now mandatory in 24 states

Drug Companies "Down Under" keep payment to physiciands secret.

Vaseline is not for burns


Attend an ICPA class and inprove your skills to care for children and pregnant women...

Certification/ Year One sites:
2003-2004 sites in progress: Boston, St. Louis, Minnesota.
2004 Schedules finalized: Phoenix, San Francisco, Orlando, Virginia, Dallas, Zurich
2004 Schedules to be posted soon: Tennessee, Ohio, Calgary

Year Two beginning in Montreal, LA, Chicago in March 2004. All DCs are eligible to begin the program in any year.

Year Three currently in Toronto and Minnesota. Take the opportuinty to attend Dr Dan Murphy in Toronto on: Feb 7-8


We are proud to announce our Research Director, Dr. Joel Alcanatara has been appointed to the WFC Task Force committee. We are pleased that our 2,000 members and their mission of Chiropractic Care for all Children will be presented at the upcoming WFC Task Force meeting in San Franciso.


LA Final Exam rescheduled for Feb 14-15, 2004. Same time, same place.

For those of you who have earned your Diplomate in Pediatrics throught the ICA, please let us know so we can add those letters to your name on our membership referral directory.

The ICPA is looking forward to working closely with ICA Pediatric Diplomates in Research and Public Awareness.

When you are in Las Vegas for Parker--come visit us at our booth!!

Blessings to all of you for who you are and what you do!!

Jeanne Ohm DC
ICPA, Executive Coordinator

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