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Smallpox Vaccine: Using Hype to Herd the Masses

Vaccines and Autism: Childhood Vaccines and Autism
Government Reform and Oversight

AAP Vaccination Release Form.


1- Smallpox: hype and terrorism

The smallpox frenzy has reached new levels of pandamonium. For the "authorities" to even consider testing the smallpox vaccine on children shows the level of hype and fear they are willing to test our intelligence with! This article: Public Comments Re: Smallpox Vaccine Trial on 2 to 5 Year Old Children reviews some comments from parents and health care workers and their outrage.

Unfortunately, however there are others who feel it is their patriotic duty to be volunteer specimens for smallpox vaccine. In several sites around the country, volunteers received the vaccine and the side effects were alarming. December 5, Post editorial had this to say:

"The homeland security bill went out of its way to protect the vaccine's manufacturers, as well as those doing the vaccinating, from any liability for these injuries and deaths. No provisions were made, however, to compensate anyone injured by the vaccine, or the families of those who die from it. This was not an accidental omission."

About the side effects, the Post reported:

Even for experts such as Edwards, the Vanderbilt University physician overseeing the study, the side effects were startling. "I can read all day about it, but seeing it is quite impressive," she said. "The reactions we saw were really quite remarkable."
President Bush is poised to announce plans, perhaps as early as this week, to resume vaccinating Americans against smallpox as part of a massive push to protect the nation from a biological assault. As he weighs the decision, researchers are becoming reacquainted with the unpleasant -- often severe -- complications of the vaccine itself.
( It is interesting to note that he and his family have refused the vaccine)

If Bush moves forward with vaccination, as expected, Edwards warns doctors to expect the array of unsightly, unfamiliar complications that will come. "You are going to have to be prepared to see these individuals and to see really bad takes," she told state health officers. "You'll wonder if they are bacterial infections; in some cases the rash will move up the arm and onto the chest. The vaccine requires a lot of TLC."

The CDC has this to report about the vaccination: Smallpox Vaccine Safety I wonder how they will accomplish "careful screening of vaccine recipients" if people are being recklessly led to be vaccinated out of fear.

Smallpox Vaccine Reactions Jolt Experts is the title of one of the many articles reporting initial test vaccines on volunteers. Made out to be heroes of patriotism, these volunteers received the vaccine and the side effects were alarming even to the experts.

MSN News has released an article, Smallpox Side Effects Feared . The little video in the article instills fear. It briefly touches on the side effects of the vaccine.

What does the science say:

To balance out the hype and fear tactics most Americans are being exposed to, it is imperative to look at the facts. This article, Smallpox Outbreak: What to Do gives the science behind the hype and offers people the evidence based research to make their decisions about the potentially harmful vaccine. Authored by Dr. Sherri Tempenny, lecturer and practitioner in alternative health medicine, this article is an eye opener. One strong statement she says is ." It is time to STAND AGAINST forced vaccination. Stop the hysteria! Information is power. However, after gaining power, you must ACT. "

Let's act by getting the true facts out to our patients and reminding them they have the power to choose. Let's act by supporting organizations which stand up for bringing out the truth, not hype. Let's act for patriotism of the people, by the people and for the people.


2- Childhood Vaccines and Autism Government Reform and Oversight

Speaking of side effects, The Committee on Government Reform, chaired by Congressman Dan Burton, held a "Full Committee Hearing on 'Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: Reviewing the Federal Government's Track Record and Charting a Course For the Future'" on Tuesday, December 10, 2002.

To red further,Click here


3- AAP Provides Form for Non-Vaccinators

A news alert from Pediatric News discusses the new form that pediatricians are using for non-vaccinators. The article says, "The consent form confirms that the physician and the parent have discussed a particular vaccine and the types of diseases it prevents. By signing the form, parents are acknowledging that they understand the purpose of the recommended vaccine, its risks and benefits, and the consequences of non vaccination."

To access the AAP "Refusal to Vaccinate" form, click here.

Before you sign any form, you should know your state laws. You may not be required to sign anything in your particular state so once again become informed.

NVIC provides a whole page to that effect. Also, "Think Twice: Global Vaccine Institute" has many resources for you to access Click here.
Additionally, Vaccine Information Awareness has put together a web site filled with legal connections.


To visit our information on vaccinations, and our extensive resource page, click here.

Blessings to you all for who you are and what you do!!

Jeanne Ohm DC

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