21 Reasons to Join the ICPA

1- You become an integral part of one of the largest chiropractic organizations in the world. 

2-  We have a 70% auto renewal rate annually with our 4,000 loyal and committed contributing members. 

3- We were the first organization to do public advertising on behalf of our contributing members...and we continue to do so.  

4- Our contributing member directory is becoming a "household" word in parenting chat rooms and on Facebook.  

5- One way we fulfill our non-profit mission of public education is with Pathways, the
profession's only public magazine about the chiropractic lifestyle.  

6Pathways magazine is distributed to over 35,000 people, with many being providers whose copies get read numerous times. Pathways educates the reader about the importance of
true health and well-being. This is essentially free advertising for our contributing members.  

7- We continually form alliances with like-minded parenting and practitioner groups, giving our contributing members even greater exposure to families seeking their care.  

8- We provide more post-graduate classes than most colleges, hosting close to 150 classes
per year.  

9- Our renowned classes teach the necessary skills to care for families thus more families are receiving chiropractic care for the right reason and referring others.  

10-  We have 14 of the most dedicated, experienced instructors in pregnancy and pediatrics.  

11- ALL proceeds from contributing membership and seminars go directly into research and public education...no middleman.  

12- Our Practiced Based Research Network (PBRN), was the first "holistic" PBRN to be recognized by NIH and is chiropractic's largest and most productive research network.  

13- All research is funded by the contributing membership-- no third party self-interest influence to deviate us from our chiropractic mission.   

14- Our evidence-based research is focused on the chiropractic adjustment and its effect on improved quality of life.  

15- Last year alone, our Research Director published over 20 papers, globally and facilitated six PBRN's.  

16- When there is concern in the profession anywhere in the world regarding children and chiropractic the ICPA shows up to help.  

17- Our contributing membership is the most committed group of doctors and when called to action, they respond with passion. It is community worth being a part of. 

18- Our entire staff "gets it" and provides our contributing members with outstanding service. 

19- Your dollars are spent wisely for the good of the whole. 

20- Our mission for chiropractic serves your mission for success.  

21- We really appreciate you and love you for who you are and what you do!

Please pass this link on to colleagues you know...
the more like minded chiropractors join together, the more families we can reach!